It’s Here! “Come Sail With Me”

I invite you to have a listen to this collaboration with Michael Stone and myself, a love ballad, my first.

Finding a place in this second season of my life as a lyricist is a dream I never really believed would be realized. How wrong I was. Being surrounded by creative musicians, composers and songwriters has enriched my life personally and professionally in ways I am in awe of everyday.

Don’t ever give up your dreams.




The new album comes out late 2018

Come Sail With Me
Music and Lyrics
Michael Stone and Toni Taylor-Helser
© 2018 BMI


Come sail with me on scented wind cool and clean,

Blowing wild and free, blushing moonlight hides an ash white face,

Come sail with me Diamonds of candles dimly lit,
Flames soften a quiet embrace.
All through the night, mirrored by only starlight

Come sail with me with spirits bright
Shameless dreams unfold,
Sunlight breaks to show the story told

Come sail with me gale winds churn the sea to a rage
Sea and sky as lovers, like you and I
Sail to the horizon you and I

Come sail with me set course, the soul’s desire
Powered by painted sails a horizon sunset on fire

Come sail away with me on a voyage quest of reflections
Adrift together on a wild sea
Stars guide us to cosmic connections

Come sail with me

Then comes the thunder.. complete with it’s wonderful roar
Flashes of light that dance through the night once more
Rolling thunder. sailing under dark skies,
Fly by night anchored on stormy seas together
Footloose souls, surrender,

Love soars adrift on a wild sea

Wind in our sails we are free

Ocean and sky as lovers, like you and I
Sail to the horizon you and I

Come sail with me, on scented wind cool and clean

Come sail with me

Blowing wild and free

Come Sail With Me


When The Torch Is Passed

I want to share this. It’s personal but the message about music written by my 17 year old grandson Trey is universally relevant . I believe we all have the responsibility to pass the torches of art and creativity on. For so many reasons. Along with feeling immense pride that he inherited the gift to write and a love for music I am beyond proud of the young man he is.



“Blessings for the music and the moments that recall memories of a dusted past. Not too long ago, I was upset that memories of my childhood were not coming up for me and it seemed I knew little of my life away from the present, but lately little movements, sounds and thoughts have jogged my mind full of moments of the past. I’m so blessed to have lived all the beauty the world has to offered to me so far. I have so much love for myself and all who wish to flourish(So every being). May you all feel my light come through to hug and awake your in this moment.”
-With Love, Effort and Ease, Trey




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