MIM Chain Reaction Series- #1 w/ Ron Kauffman

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The weekly Make Indie Mainstream  “Chain Reaction Series” from the Facebook Make Indie Mainstream public group.
Here’s how it works:
On Wednesdays a ‘Interviewing Artist’ who will choose (tag) another artist and ask 10 questions which will be posted here to the group.
The “Interviewee Artist’ will have the until the following Wednesday to answer their 10 questions by posting their responses in the comment box of the post. Following the artist will choose a new (another) artist with 10 new questions and post in a NEW post, continuingg the Chain Reaction.
(Please do confer first with your chosen artist about the idea before posting so there’s a graceful way to say no ‘Thank You’ if they are not able to participate for any reason)

The first entry up will be myself (Toni Taylor-Helser) posing 10 questions to singer-songwriter Ron Kauffman.

Chain Reaction Series.

Opening the series is Ron Kauffman. Thank you so much Ron for participating. We look forward to your answers.

1. At what age did the music bug strike you?  9.
2. Do you recall a specific catalyst that inspired you to write music? … My Dad told me I couldn’t play his 4-string Martin guitar so I just hadda’ :

3. You’re a brilliant storyteller, please tell us about your writing process? ….
 I pick a subject that inspires me. Most are things I’ve done in the past, and a lot are things that bother me about the world. Then I write , rewrite, rewrite and rewrite until I feel I said what I want to say the best I can and hope others will relate to it.

4. As a long-time songwriter, performer, & recording artist, can you share some of your best tips for an aspiring artist?…Pray and grow thick skin. Performing…have fun, so will they. 🙂 Recording….I suck at it so my best advice is to ask someone you know for help, or learn by trial and error 🙂

5. What or who is most often your muse?……Life is always my muse 🙂

6. A little gear speak, please tell us about your favorite guitar? ….A D-45 Martin is my favorite. I play a Taylor 🙂

7. Any particular influences?…… CSNY, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, James Taylor, to name a few 🙂

8. With all that you have experienced as a musician what has the word “Success” come to mean for you?….. Success means having people listen, like and relate to what I write. Money would be nice, but that’s not why I write. 🙂

9. You have been around the music industry for awhile now, how do you see the changes impacting the industry?…..It’s a train wreck!

10. Finally Ron, who might we find you listening to on any given day? …. Anyone you see on my facebook page, Mixposure, Loop radio, Museboat, Mewsbuzz radio show, etc 🙂 I rarely listen to mainstream radio it’s the same O’ same O’ over and over. If I were listening to a CD it would most likely be CSNY’s “4-Way Street.

Thank You Toni for picking me to do this. I consider it an honor to be included.


Please treat yourself to Ron’s music here –  http://www.reverbnation.com/ronkauffman  and here http://www.mixposure.com/ron-kauffman/audio


Kit Mann Returns w/ A Double Shot

The Hurt Will Heal

Back for a Double Shot with Kit Mann
Kit Mann is an independent artist whose music right away lets you understand the artist part about him. But what you won’t know right away is that Kit’s music is a direct reflection of his life. Kit writes what he knows, and what he has lived. Kit’s music is part of my ever day, I listen to him routinely and find his versatility one of the reasons I do listen to him daily. Finding a Kit Mann song to fit whatever mood I am in is never a long shot.
(Click on son titles below.)
Please visit Kit Mann & his music and please feel welcome to leave Kit a comment. Say hello to him & that you were here.

Kit Mann

All of Kit’s music is generously available for free with safe downloading.

From  Kit’s artist page.

” I am a former Police Officer, Sheriff’s Deputy, EMT and Soldier.  I learned everything I could so when someone was at the worst moment of their life, they could look up, see me and know they are safe.  I have 10 songs on my first CD, “A Cry For Help”, and I have 12 recorded for my next CD “Guitar Mann”

.My motto with music is:  If I can touch one person with one song my job is done and I’m happy, then I try and do it again.  Thank You

You can visit my music page at www.reverbnation.com/kitmann   and   http://www.mixposure.com/kitmann/audio

All songs are free to download and listen to.  Soft acoustic music, Blues Music, Mild Rock, Country, instrumentals and a Christmas song. ”

~ Kit Mann

PLease meet Independent Artist: Bamil


From the world of Independent Music Barefoot Music has the privilege and honor of introducing yet another amazing artist that I was first introduced to at Mixposure radio, the home of Independent Artists globally.
Please meet Bamil. I find all of Bamil’s music I have heard amazing and with great messages. Hie vocally a master, and his music compositions and arrangements superb.
I have included two of my personal favorites for your ease in listening. Bamil is prolific recording artist and has music for everyone. If you live or are visiting in the New York area you please go see one of Bamil’s shows. You can find his schedule at Reverbnation.
“Love Across The Border” by Bamil

Bamil (born April 5,1969) is a Puerto Rican Recording Artist, ASCAP Member, Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Music Arranger who released on January 1st, 2010 his second solo Album “The Message”.

More of Bamil’s music can be found at the included links below.