The Gift of Open Mic

Living in a community that has a strong and close-knit music tribe is a rare commodity for said fortunate  community. Central Oregon USA has this awe-inspiring gift (asset) built from some of this planet’s most talented musicians and venues that support live music. An evening of live music during a weekly Open Mic Jam is only one testament to the stellar chops that a live music fan will find on Oregon’s High Desert.

Hosted by musician Derek Michael Marc each week local musicians routinely arrive with instruments in tow, add their names to the sign-up sheet Derek provides (as well as all the sound gear) and the therapy by music begins promptly at 6pm. For 3 full hours the musios trade places on stage and perform typically 3 songs each. From solo to duet to 5 or 6 piece jams the audiences are always in line to be entertained and their music intelligence enriched.

Photos only suggest the magic that Open Mic can bring to a community… it depends on the tribe.


“Portland Town” by Cara Luft

My Portland Town
My native Portland Oregon USA 
The song “Portland Town” is covered in this version by a brand new artist to me. Actually the song is new to me too. 
Having a very good friend who knows me musically, like no one else in my life knows me, sent it to me today.
I am always touched deeply when loved ones & friends share music with me that they know will be meaningful to me. I see it as a way that is very telling to me that they care. About me. 
Nothing says “I love You” to me louder than being sent a song that hits close to home. 
This song “Portland Town” by artist Cara Luft does all of that; and then some. 
Why this song is meaningful to me.
It came to me today from someone who loves me like no other. In fact just writing those words brings tears to my eyes and tugs at my heart-strings. 
I was born in Portland Oregon which like many of my native fellow Oregonians affectionately call P-Town for short.
And my youngest daughter‘s (also born in P-Town) middle name is Cara. 
Yeah.. I tend to find symbolism’s in many things when it relates to music. 
Did I say I love banjo music too? 
Of course I love it.  Does It not have strings and a fret board?
I hope you enjoy this weeks Happy Acoustic Saturday.. albeit late in coming. ~