Indies…Who Are They?


[A BMG Editorial]

I support and work with Independent artist’s. Of all mediums, be it musicians, fine artist’s, pottery maker’s, filmmaker’s, or writers, I support those who make their art and their passion come alive in what they create.

So who are the Independent artists? Who are these people behind their creations?

(Note- For the sake of continuity I’ll write who they are in the context of music, the musician. Yet to be clear what independent artists all have in common is enough to make my point across the medium board.)

First, for a meeting of the minds let’s agree that Independent Artists in this article means music that is written, performed, and produced independently of major commercial record labels, or any of their subsidiaries. Often an Indie musician creates in an autonomous approach from concept to inception, then to the execution of the music they create. Typically it is done without big studio financing, highly funded promotion campaigns, nor any label/studio support. The Independent artist does it all.

When I listen to indie musicians there comes a deep appreciation for all the hats an independent musician wears throughout the evolution of their music.

Which brings me back to my question. Who are they?

Although I cannot, nor would I presume to try to answer this question in personal terms about any artist, I do know that the following list of hats an indie artist wears is true for each artist.

Starting out as a Musician an artist soon takes on these other roles as well:

Recording artist
Tour manager
Marketing manager
Human resource manager
Public relations manager
Music Director
Music Arranger
PIC (person in charge)
Graphic artist

……and teacher,

and mentor.

Creating the music is surely the most important job of an Indie Artist; for without their music this would be a mighty empty world. However, without indie artists embracing and tipping their respective hats to the other job duties needed to accomplish what is required their music would never reach us.


Most independent musicians often juggle “day jobs” to help pay the bills; Indie artists are not in it for financial gain, there rarely is any. There’s no “Fortune” to be made; in fact it typically costs far more financially to create their music then they’ll ever likely see in return.

 It’s also not about “Fame”.

Having had the pleasure and honor to live and work in the world of independent music since the age of 14. I’ve seen the changes and today watch with renewed interest as the changes continue to unfold before our eyes and ears.
Today it’s not enough to simply turn up for rehearsals,learn the music, attend recording sessions and gigs. To find any level of success (regardless of the individual answer to what success is) means being invested artistically and in the operation of the business..

Hence the many faces of the independent artists that have evolved,today, independently they create music under all those different hats.

…… we thank you! Independent Music Maker’s



Calling All Independent Musicians & Supporting Factions

Get Exposure through Mixposure.
One of the coolest things has happened to the music industry in a very long time  is MIXPOSURE RADIO.
If you  are musician, lyricist, producer, promoter, and/or a music fan there is some amazing things happening in the world of music; and the Internet that can have an affect on you.   You should know.
Ever think about how your favorite song and musician came to be?
Those not involved with creating and promoting music may never have even thought about it.

Like any industry there is protocol and politics, expressed and experienced. The music industry no different.
It use to be that the most typical first time exposure for a fan to a new artist was via mainstream radio. Following and becoming a fan of a musician or band makes fans part of the process. For generations fans were introduced to music as the new up and coming musicians were broadcast to the listeners via the airwaves of the radio frequencies. Artists or their agents would make the rounds to first local radio stations to hawk their music for air time, exposing the fans to their music.
 With any luck the right person then might be made aware of an artist’s music, the hope being a recording contract would be entered into. And the real road show would begin playing concerts all over the globe to promote and enhance record sales.
Fans make their voices heard, firstly by hearing a new song on the radio, making requests to the disc jockey‘s which help run an artists song up the charts, then with the purchase of albums, concert tickets, and artists/band merchandise the producers might see some profit on their investment. This was if the artist and or band ‘happened’ to be noticed. No matter how good someone is in the traditional mainstream music industry there is still the need for the networking of “who you know” to become a recording artist with big name recording labels.
Admittedly this being my overly simplified rundown of a vital aspect to the music industry’s we’re most familiar with.
There is another aspect though. A faction of the music industry not as well-known.
Independent music and independent artist are just that;  typically they= independent artists are producing and producing their own music. Void of the big recoding labels.
And as I am also a music fan I especially find this is a most awesome empowering aspect in the world of music.
Wiki notes: 
Independent music is music produced independently from major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries, a process that may include an autonomous, Do-It-Yourself approach to recording and publishing.The term indie is sometimes also used to describe a genre (such as indie rock, indie metal or indie pop); as a genre term. Likely you will not hear independent music on the commercial radio in your car. That’s where technology comes in with the communities like Mixposure Radio.
The fact that technology today is changing the music industry and to be quite honest is putting the big recording labels on notice inspires my happy dance.
Today there are drastic new changes happening in the music industry. Independent Music has been around long before its very title was born and known to the fans, Typically only those familiar or close to independent musician’s have known about independent music. Many  are not aware.
I write this with an excited heart today. The reason for said happy dance is because I am blessed with bearing witness to the very inventive and creative way our music intelligence can grow by the leaps with independent music.
The logical question that I hear echoing throughout cyberspace now is, “how does one find this independent music then?
This is where radio shows that focus only on independent music and artists find their niche in the music and broadcasting industries.
One of the best held secrets in the world of recorded music WAS Independent Music’s online interactive community on MIXPOSURE RADIO
This is the happy information I am proud to share here at Barefoot Music;
Mixposure radio is a commercial free from advertisers and promotes the live streaming radio programs primarily by word of mouth and the very clever and creative genius of the mixposure artists.
Of course since this is a post about music and on a blog that only focuses on music, therefore the music should play.
Included below is a link for a Mixposure promotion I think is brilliant,  with superb music & creative lyrics writing by and performed by some of  the musicians who are also the creators of 100% of the tunes you’ll hear at The Mix.
Increase your fan base with exposure at Mixposure Radio
So why could this possibly interest you as an artist?
Or a fan?
As an independent artist and bands there is always a desire for exposure of your music to a fan base. Finding ways for that exposure has become more accessible and creative today in thanks largely to the Internet. Mixposure Radio and its community offer a rare experience and resource for you and your music.

Through the exposure of your music being given ” air time” during both the live streaming broadcast and the podcast your music can be heard and shared by an untapped fan base you have yet to discover.

I tend to think of Mixposure as a Co-op type community, and with the wonderful perks of a free subscription (upgrades are definitely available) there are priceless advantages in this writer’s opinion
These include, but are in no way limited to:
  • Global exposure of your music daily
  • DJ’s choose their own play lists, unlike a program director at commercial radio
  • Free artist page
  • File uploads of your music to share on your artist page (which is where the DJ’s garner the music they “spin”
  • Outstanding & Global Collaborations
  • Active & inspiring chat during the live broadcast shows
  • Feedback by chatting with your fans & fellow musicians
  • Valuable support
  • Music sales.

UPDATE: As of 11.07.2013 Podcast of the Showcase of Independent artists are now available for downloads at link below.

With your interest and inquisitive mind please visit Mixposure, your fellow and sister artists will help you feel immediately welcome and offer their experience and wisdom to show you the way. As always you may also contact me, Barefoot Baroness (BB) and I would be most delighted to point the way and walk along while you are getting your feet wet. I trust you’ll never look back and always value the experience.

As a fan you will be increasing your music intelligence ten-fold, and in supporting independent music you help promote the artist and their music. By purchasing the music, seeing live performances locally where you live, and sharing & giving feedback about the independent music you like are all ways we can as a collective power support these talented musicians and their support teams.
This blog supports independent music and there are several posts here introducing some of the very  artists and bands you will be exposed to at Mixposure Radio.
Please visit Mixposure Radio for a one of a kind music community & experience, while you gift yourself the exposure to some of the most fabulous tunes and the creative people behind them.

Saturday Acoustics w/ Independenet Artist Doug Dickens

Dancing Circles

Douglas Dickens 
Please have a sit back & a listen to gentleman Doug Dickens, my friend who is not only is a fabulous singer, songwriter, and guitar picking musician, he is also an amazing advocate for Independent musicians, as well as a life long peace keeper.
Doug is just one of the many talented independent artists on the newest of my passion’s, which is

I am proud that Doug calls me friend ~ 

To hear Doug’s vast play list of his original tunes, and to follow him, please see his link just below

About Doug Dickens: ( credits: Doug’s mixposure artist’s page)

I have been playing and singing the blues for over thirty years. I spent eight years on the road traveling around the country, working in clubs and coffeehouses from Wilmington, NC to Sarasota, Fla and then out west to Denver, Oklahoma City and Fort Worth. I spent quite a bit of time in the early eighties managing other bands and clubs in upstate New York. Now I am back recording some of the material in preparation for the next phase of wisdom and writing. It has always been my first love.
Many of these songs have never been heard before anywhere and some, I have played in performances without mercy. Sometimes a song just hits you and you have to sing it. My originals come from life’s experiences, many through disappointment and joy, always from the heart and never canned. There is no major production here, just me, my guitar and the songs. You are sitting in my living room in a private concert. I hope that anyone who stops by will enjoy the music, leave me a note and send me their own treasures. Music is the muse of life.

(Note from Barefoot Baroness)
If you are a regular reader of mine you will know that radio has been a big part of my music intelligence most of my life;  and you can trust my recommendation for this 99.9% commercial-free radio station..  Mixposure Radio,
As a listener we get to not only listen to Doug’s music, (and many others)  but also we can become part of this amazing independent artist’s community by chatting with artist’s like Doug during the broadcasts. This kind of interacting with the people who make the music we listen to is an important part of the music chain. The music makers need our input as fans, and the Independent artists know that fans are more than just the record and concert sales.
And that makes for a lovely relationship.
Please join us for the music & chat. And enjoy both. The Home Of Independent Musicians.  (no download, no registration required) 
Please watch this space – Monday 30 September for news about mixposure radio’s newest upcoming show.