MIM Chain Reaction Series # 4 w/ Miss Rachel Fields & Brick Fields






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4th entry in the MIM Chain Reaction Series with Rachel Fields from Brick Fields being the next link with 10 new questions from Ira Walker. Miss Rachel has until the following Wednesday to add her responses in the comment box of this post, then she will choose the next artist in the chain with her 10 questions.
Come back to find out Rachel’s answers and who she tags next.

1. How old were you when you started writing songs?

” I remember making up songs as early as 2 or 3. I wrote poetry and plays in my teens. I didn’t start writing songs that I sang in front of people until my early twenties.”

2. Do you remember your first song you wrote?

” The first song I remember that I completed, recorded and performed was a song brought on by heartbreak I wrote on the piano called “whole” when I was about 23.”

3. Is your music cathartic for you?

“Yes absolutely. Who needs confession when you’re a songwriter.”

4. What’s your writing process?

It varies. Sometimes I have something to say so I’ll write it down and put music to it later. Sometimes I have a feeling inside so I play music, push the record button and start singing just to see what comes out. Sometimes I dream full compositions.

5. Do you hear a melody line for your lyrics as you write?

“Sometimes I will hear a hooks but not often.’

6. Who or what are your music influences?

”  Life experience, the Holy Spirit, every artists I hear is influential but some of my favorites for where I am right now in my life are Mavis Staples, Sister Rosetta Tharp and Ruthie Foster. ”

7. Do you think any of your children will follow you into music?

 Yes. All three of them show interest. Two of my girls are already writing songs and good ones too.”

8. What’s some advice for young people whose dreams are a life in music?

“Keep on keeping on. Be grateful to those and remember those who believe in you along the way”

9. How has the internet impacted your music?

We’ve gained world wide listeners because of the net and it provides great tools for being an independent artist.”

10. What’s coming in the near future for Brick Fields?

Our traveling is expanding next year. We have two albums in the works one of which is a gospel album. We’ll be playing more concerts outside our region next year.”


Next up is Robb McCormick with 10 questions from Brick Fields to keep the chain reaction moving.


MIM Chain Reaction Series #3 w/ Ira Walker

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The weekly Make Indie Mainstream  “Chain Reaction Series” from the Facebook Make Indie Mainstream public group.
Here’s how it works:
On Wednesdays a ‘Interviewing Artist’ who will choose (tag) another artist and ask 10 questions which will be posted here to the group.
The “Interviewee Artist’ will have the until the following Wednesday to answer their 10 questions by posting their responses in the comment box of the post. Following the artist will choose a new (another) artist with 10 new questions and post in a NEW post, continuingg the Chain Reaction.
(Please do confer first with your chosen artist about the idea before posting so there’s a graceful way to say no ‘Thank You’ if they are not able to participate for any reason)

Third entry up – 10 questions to singer-songwriter & Grammy nominated producer Ira Walker.

1. You’re a multi-talented musician Ira at what age did you find yourself in music?

. “Who remembers their first orgasm…… I’m still working on manhood. When I grow up I hope to be more informed. How old are you in the 4th grade?….10?”


2. As a classically trained musician it might surprise people to learn.. just what instrument you took lessons for?

“Around 15… I had 7 yrs. of drums lessons from Larry Vann – 3yrs of bass lessons elec/ Bernard Williams, upright from Joe Cook in Berkeley. Latin Jazz guitar from Tony Flores @ Fiore Music in Oakland” Drums are my first instrument and what I studied in school.”


3. As a Grammy nominated producer what advice do you have for aspiring newbies n the business ?

“Are you sure read ……this before opening!!”


4. Who have some of your favorite performances/gigs been with?

“To many to count…. my very first @ Ruthie’s Inn [Berkeley] will always be where I found this Circus . And @ 15!!… My Dad keeping an eye out on me… That’s How Make Gumbo” LoL


5.  As  one of the most prolific songwriter’s I have the pleasure of knowing what is your most often used muse?

“Life… my view …from the filter of how I was taught! Just dumb luck that I laugh a lot too.”


6. Ira Walker’s favorite Ira Walker song and why?

“I’d like to see again” .. a song I wrote when my father died. “Gods Face” ….. a song I wrote for me…. Proof in the Testimony.”


7.  Today you may not be known for your Rock n Roll days, what was your band’s name & what instrument did you play?

“Short version …..Billy Satellite on Capitol Records 1984 and I played bass/ wrote/ sang.”   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWuYGy6mwRE…



8.  What are you most passionate about today outside of your music?

“Food… I love cooking, growing, & learning about food, spices, & and cultural influences! Epicurean expertise I seem to be developing’


9. What are your thoughts about online collaborations between artists from around the world?

“Sounds great in theory….. but like any good dish! Got to have the right ingredients.” 😀


10. What’s on Ira’s horizon’s?

“My latest ventures….. The Love Rascals, Ari Reiter, & a few others that I’ve signed to production, and Record deals”


For more about Ira and his music visit http://www.reverbnation.com/mrirawalker  and http://irawalker.net/