Seems almost surreal that they’re on the road.

Brick Fields began planning, booking, and promoting this month long tour about a year ago. Miss Rachel agreed to journal the tour as Larry navigates and pilots their tour van Gypsy west. It takes little imagination after reading Rachel’s first entry to be able to hear the AWEsome harmonizing that must be going on in that van with Rachel, Larry, & their 3 girls.

brickfields promo photo

Windmills, Canyons and Spatzel and show me a sign and I’ll be willin….

August 4, 2014 at 11:33pm

Many of you have requested that I keep you updated and tell you about the journey. Also since so many of you are the reason we are taking this journey I very much want to share it with you so here goes…


First things first! Thank you to all of the beautiful and amazing folks who are supporters of our music and mission. We could not continue doing what we do if it wasn’t for you and that is the truth. I am beside myself and humbled by the love and support we have received over the past few months as well as over the years. Everytime I think we are about to be without God provides through you and I am reminded that this is the path He has put me on. Thank the Lord cause I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than right here and right now. So from the bottom of our hearts Larry and myself both thank you. May you be blessed for your outpour of blessings. Now, on with the journey.


After a concert at the Owen’s Theater in Branson MO last night where the good folks of the Owens’ theater took such great care of us we headed out toward LA this morning. This is probably the 7th or 8th time I’ve made this trip in my lifetime but this time is different because I get to share it with my children who have never really been too far from the Ozarks and I know the sites will be a grand sight for them. So far it has been a smooth ride. Gypsy (our new/ old 1983 conversion van) is running like a champ and Larry drove all day getting us here to Tucumcari New Mexico safe and sound. Today my children got to see miles and miles of massive windmills throughout the prairies of Oklahoma, the big skies of Texas and acres of ranch land where the cows roam wild and free. These sites were all so new for them compared to our beautiful Ozarks Mountains and it was just breathtaking. Today God provided perfect weather and clear blue skies for the occasion.


We have made plans to stop for at least one restaurant meal a day on this journey so that we can enjoy the different foods in the area and maybe stop at some of the restaurants we’ve seen on food network. Today we chose to stop at the Rock Cafe in Stroud OK for lunch. We pulled up to this old rock building on Route 66 blooming with character. The inside was homey and warm with framed autographed pictures of different folks who have stopped there as well as newspaper articles raving about this humble little dive in the middle of nowhere OK. I loved it right away. The restaurant was featured on the cartoon movie “Cars” so there was a lot of memorabilia from the movie which interested the kids. Larry had a cheeseburger, CC a club sandwhich, Sally a hot dog, and Riley a Hamburger. I tried the famous Spatzel which was a type of mac and cheese but the noodles were more like tiny dumplings and there were onions and peppers with tomatoes mixed in. Everything was amazing and we signed the wall in the hallway before we left.


Today we did a lot of riding but we did get to stop for a short walk in the Texas Canyon wind which the kids were hoping to catch flight in. We also drove through this small nearly deserted Texas town that reminded me of a western movie. I kept expecting to see a draw in the middle of the dusty road but no such thing happened. I must say, Larry is being a trooper couped up in the van with 3 girls and a Mama. I only had to have one screaming fit before we left town to let the girls know that there would be no nonsense. It seems to have worked. So far they are getting along pretty good. This will make for some good songwriting…..


Tomorrow the kids will see the New Mexico desert for the first time as well as the Arizona mountains. I hope to stop for some white sage along the way and teach the kids how to make smudge sticks.


If you’d still like to book a concert in the area we are traveling through or would like us to stop and sing or pray for you or your family members in the area. Contact me at


If you’d like to make a donation to Brick Fields Music please visit and click on the “Donate” button or write us at for other options.


May God continue to bless you and yours. Thanks all and good night.

Rachel Fields

Catching a Texas breezeCatching a Texas breeze

Owens TheaterOwens Theater

Rock CafeRock Cafe

Windmills in OKWindmills in OK

Friday Night Blues w, Inedependent Artists The Brick Fields Band

Apologies for the quiet days here on Barefoot Music. Though this blog has been devoid of the diverse music postings my ears have not. 
I’d like to introduce you the fantastic brother-sister duet The Brick Fields Band. ( for a short biography see notes below video)

Brick Fields Music

Friday Night Blues w/ The Brick fields Band
  “ Just like good old fashion medicine, we all need a taste of this invigorating music”  ~ Brick fields.
“On The Vine”

Included is the band’s biography from their artist page for several reasons.

{One] because promoting independent music is a personal passion that I believe in voicing my support for. {Two} because it is my experience that the fans of independent artists tend to feel a closer connection and bond with their favorite musicians and bands.  (Three) In that spirit of musicianship I believe in sharing good music forward. I’d like to ask you to do the same.

Please treat yourself to a visit  to Brick Fields links below, acquaint yourself with more of their richly organic & natural style and sound, They would like to know you were there so please; say hello and where you’re from.

From the band’s artist page: ( find their music here)

Larry Brick and Rachel Fields-Brick both Arkansas natives, come together with their natural approach Original Arkansas Blues using a Gospel platform as well as an Americana Soul feel.  Larry, on guitar and background vocals along with Rachel using her ambrosial voice while playing guitar and flute, bring together a stormy performance each and every time.  The team are definitive blues artists, although there repertoire includes originals written by both and of various genres including Gospel, Ballads, R&B and well-tested standards.  The collaboration of these different genres of music touches the heart and soul of all walks of life.  Known for presenting enriching concerts, Brick Fields offer American entertainment for the young and old alike.  Just like good old fashion medicine, we all need a taste of this invigorating music. The Nashville Blues Society has called Brick Fields Music an “Unleashed cleansing of the soul!” and New Music Of Tomorrow says, “Brick Fields is by far the most soulful artist I have heard in years!”


Brick Fields is comprised of two individuals, Larry Brick and Rachel Fields, who prior to joining forces, have had their own impressive artistic history.  To better understand the force behind these two individuals, one needs to know more about them to have a full understanding and appreciation of their music today.

Larry Brick was influenced by Memphis music being relatively close to that area.  On the weekends they would observe musicians from the doorways of the clubs.  He moved to Colorado where he met another Arkansas musician Larry Womack.  Larry Brick traveled to Florida to play some shows but was invited to begin playing Gospel Music in churches.  This led him to a Christian label, Maranatha Records.  They would play for the Calvary and Vineyard Chapels.

Rachel Fields was influenced by her musical family.  She started playing flute at the age of eleven in school and left home at 16 to attend a private school in Vicksburg, Mississippi where she studied classical voice and flute.  Rachel later moved to New York City where she studied musical theater, acting and dance at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.  She had the opportunity to play with some of the members of Big Brother and the Holding Company.  She toured with the Jerry Garcia Band along with she and a few of the JGB players toured as a group called Big Folk.  Rachel married and gave birth to twins in 2003 but in 2006 found herself as a single mother with three children and back to Arkansas.

Larry and Rachel met in Eureka Springs, Arkansas one night when Rachel was performing at an outdoor venue.  They have been together ever since and are now married giving birth to the duo Brick Fields.

Awards and Accolades include but are not limited to:

  • 2010 Ozark Blues Challenge      Winners
  • 2012 Pick of Club 152 for Beale      St. Blues Kings at the IBC’s Memphis
  • 2012 nominee for NWAMusic      Awards Best Blues Band
  • 2012 for NWA Music Awards Best      Duo
  • 2012 3rd place  Ozark Folk Songwriters Awards
  • Winners of 2012 King of the      Roots Springfield, Mo. division