Meeting Independent Arttist Farrell Jackson

Farrell Jackson
Meet Independent Artist 
Farrell Jackson 
with his tune
“Fighting The Fight”  
{ for music please click on link below }
In Farrell’s words he shares how this incredibly inspiring tune was created.

“A pop rocker done with three bass guitars, drums, and vocals….Guitars? We don’t need no stinkin’ guitars. Just kidding but there are no guitars in this except the basses. It was an experiment to see if I could pull it off…..No guitars were harmed in the recording of this song :o) Here’s my song called Fightin’ The Fight. I wrote and recorded it quickly….a one day production. I’m using a 2010 Fender Jazz bass on the left side, a 1970 Vox Violin bass on the right, and 1972 Gibson EBO bass in the middle. The EBO is also the bass for the solo break. I have three tracks of vocals: Lead, hi and low harmonies. The basic drums are by a Zoom MRT3. I needed to think outside the box and that was fun!”  ~ Farrell

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