Bill Madison’s “Sweet Jelly” (a Barefoot Review)

bill madison_sweet jelly

bills sweet jelly track list


This Barefoot music listener and fan of Bill Madison received a message from Bill a couple of months back that put a smile on my face.  Bill said he had woke one morning with his song “Barefootin’ Boogie” in his head. Recording it and including it in his message saying he thought of Yours Truly. Soon this became the intro track to his new CD “Sweet Jelly”.

From this intro track and throughout the album’s collection of tunes Bill keeps your bare feet doing a definite boogie with his rich acoustic guitar accompaniment, and his distinctive vocal quality full of natural expressions.

Bill is the first artist I experienced with Online Busking on his Saturday shows on, happily so, as I quite like Bill’s style and sound. His latest album/Cd is a 13 track collection from his Street Jelly shows. I find the natural feel of this album as easy and comfortable to listen to as it is to experience his shows online. It is a venue made for an artist like Bill Madison, and I am delighted that his was my first experience with concerts in this format.

This collection begins with his original tune Barefootin’ Boogie that absolutely sets the tone of ambiance for the listener. Bill takes us through a journey of classic cover tunes that will have you feeling you have been time warped in the most of nostalgic ways.  Bill has an easy flow to his vocal tone that he compliments so nicely with his acoustic guitar which creates a rich full sound as a soloist.

From his inspiring epic “All Along The Watch Tower”, to the romance of Eric Clapton’s ?Wonderful Tonight”, to the closing track “Forever Young” this album will certainly inspire memories from days gone by as well as inspire new memory making today.

Get yours inspired today.

bill madison




Bill Madison’s ” Old Fivers And Dimers ( a Barefoot review)

bill madison

Traditional Folk/Americana music needs to be kept alive, and Bill Madison is doing just that with his latest release of “Old Fivers And Dimers”.

Rich in history of his chosen tracks he combines also some of his own original work, creating a master of storytelling entertainment contained in one Cd.
Bill’s seasoned and laid back style lets the listener cozy into approximately 50 minutes of nostalgia that whether shared with another, or in solitude, it will leave you recalling times of yesteryears.
The title track “Old Fives and Dimers” will get your toes tapping and with its lyrics bring us all a reminder of ho we are.
Bill’s acoustic guitar the perfect accompaniment to his rich timbre vocals.
There’s always a certain sense of romance in a collection of cover tunes and Bill doesn’t disappoint, even making the old blues standard “House Of The Rising Sun” his own; including this writer’s favorite Rodney Crowell’s Shame On The Moon.
 Bill’s originals don’t disappoint the romantic at heard either, with his two co-written songs with his wife Nancy Madison: “Can’t Stay Away” and “Friends In Love” the listener will be left with a wonderful sense of nostalgia…. and even hope.
Review by Toni Taylor-Helser
Barefoot Music Group
Please check out Bill’s artist page at for his collection of music. Included here is one track “Friends In Love” written by Bill & his wife Nancy Madison.
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Please Meet Independent Artist Kit Mann

Kit Mann

Introducing Independent Artist 
Kit Mann
Kit Mann is an independent artist I learned about on a live streaming radio broadcast I have become a fan of. (That’s a post for another day)
Kit writes and plays music that touches the soul because I believe he truly creates from his own. 
It can be his sultry blues tune like his “Cajun Queen” which will get you dancing in your chair and let you feel that southern New Orleans‘ vibe, which Kit shared with was written before Katrina when all the places he sings about were still standing. 
Or it can be his cathartic expression of what it is like to feel trapped by pain in his “Cry For Help” that first grabbed my heart-strings as he expressed what I felt, but could never find the adequate words.
Kit Mann’s music will touch something inside, and it will ignite strong emotions.
I have a strong belief that is what music should do. 

I have had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Kit; he is a humble & incredibly generous artist. I want to note and say thank you to Kit for sharing his music with free downloads for his fans. I find this quite an honor to have his music in my collection. 

Kit’s music indeed touches me. 
And isn’t that what music should do? 
Please visit Kit Mann & his music. And say hello to him & that you were there. 


From Kit’s artist page:

I am a former Police Officer, Sheriff’s Deputy, EMT and Soldier.  I learned everything I could so when someone was at the worst moment of their life, they could look up, see me and know they are safe.  I have 10 songs on my first CD, “A Cry For Help”, and I have 12 recorded for my next CD “Guitar Mann”.

My motto with music is:  If I can touch one person with one song my job is done and I’m happy, then I try and do it again.  Thank You

You can visit my music page at  All songs are free to download and listen to.  Soft acoustic music, Blues Music, Mild Rock, Country, instrumentals and a Christmas song.

Kit Mann

Saturday Acoustics w/ Independentart Artist John Adams

Independent Artist John Adams

For the last 3 years I have put my heart and soul into my music. This song is the realisation that I already have everything I could ever wish for. The most important part of life is the relationships with the people around you. 🙂 Hope you enjoy listening!!!

Huge thanks to all my friends and family that came along, it was fun!!

If you would like to find out more about me or have a request of your own you can use the following:
TWITTER: john_anthony1

Backing by the fabulous David Beech (@davetaxis)
Co-written with Evan Gardner (@evanwgardner)
Filmed at Hirwaun Common by Rhys Davies: / ogmore03

Thank you so much for listening!!!! If you like the song please support me by purchasing my debut album 🙂

John xx

Saturday Acoustics w/ Independenet Artist Doug Dickens

Dancing Circles

Douglas Dickens 
Please have a sit back & a listen to gentleman Doug Dickens, my friend who is not only is a fabulous singer, songwriter, and guitar picking musician, he is also an amazing advocate for Independent musicians, as well as a life long peace keeper.
Doug is just one of the many talented independent artists on the newest of my passion’s, which is

I am proud that Doug calls me friend ~ 

To hear Doug’s vast play list of his original tunes, and to follow him, please see his link just below

About Doug Dickens: ( credits: Doug’s mixposure artist’s page)

I have been playing and singing the blues for over thirty years. I spent eight years on the road traveling around the country, working in clubs and coffeehouses from Wilmington, NC to Sarasota, Fla and then out west to Denver, Oklahoma City and Fort Worth. I spent quite a bit of time in the early eighties managing other bands and clubs in upstate New York. Now I am back recording some of the material in preparation for the next phase of wisdom and writing. It has always been my first love.
Many of these songs have never been heard before anywhere and some, I have played in performances without mercy. Sometimes a song just hits you and you have to sing it. My originals come from life’s experiences, many through disappointment and joy, always from the heart and never canned. There is no major production here, just me, my guitar and the songs. You are sitting in my living room in a private concert. I hope that anyone who stops by will enjoy the music, leave me a note and send me their own treasures. Music is the muse of life.

(Note from Barefoot Baroness)
If you are a regular reader of mine you will know that radio has been a big part of my music intelligence most of my life;  and you can trust my recommendation for this 99.9% commercial-free radio station..  Mixposure Radio,
As a listener we get to not only listen to Doug’s music, (and many others)  but also we can become part of this amazing independent artist’s community by chatting with artist’s like Doug during the broadcasts. This kind of interacting with the people who make the music we listen to is an important part of the music chain. The music makers need our input as fans, and the Independent artists know that fans are more than just the record and concert sales.
And that makes for a lovely relationship.
Please join us for the music & chat. And enjoy both. The Home Of Independent Musicians.  (no download, no registration required) 
Please watch this space – Monday 30 September for news about mixposure radio’s newest upcoming show.

Acoustic Saturdays; with Hunter Van Larkins


by Hunter Van Larkins.

Ross Hunter and Owen Van-Larkins are Hunter Van Larkins.

“Breakthrough”, an original composition from their CD “Myriad” available at… and itunes

These two incredibly talented and gifted young musicians met while studying music at Southbank College in Brisbane and soon afterwards began writing and performing their own unique brand of Celtic, Folk and Spanish flavoured acoustic guitar music. From their early compositions it was clear an extraordinary new talent had arrived on the Australian music scene.

Visit Hunter Van Larkins at…

Guitar Tabs available at…

Acoustic Saturdays with Mike Masse “Now That I Know”

Mike Masse my newest study was introduced to me by a friend from Argentina. It amazes me how music knows no borders. I love that!

This Mike Masse acoustic is an original that I will let his own words speak of: ” Thinking through what’s ahead after a trusting and loving relationship starts to die demands a nostalgic longing for what once was. So the question is…can you go back…return to the feelings that once were?” ~ Mike Masse

More of Mikes’ music will be following. He has become a favorite of Barefoot Music. Thanks to my friend who discovered him for me.




Sunday Love Sngs ~ “All I Want Is You” by Mike Masse & Jeff Hall

All I Want Is You 
 by Mike Masse & Jeff Hall 

From Mike Masse’s FB page

Mike performs acoustic rock covers (vocals and acoustic guitar) in Salt Lake City, UT. He usually performs with Jeff Hall (bass, backing vocals). Mike and Jeff have gained a following thanks to their performances posted on Mike’s YouTube channel. Mike and Jeff both have full-time jobs as attorneys, Mike a public defender, Jeff a prosecutor. They’ve been performing together for 20 years, since their days in a cover band (called “Twice Daily”) in college at BYU. They still perform the first Monday of every month at the Pie in SLC,

Mike’s YouTube Channel