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Barefoot Music Mission

Toni Taylor-Helser a third generation Oregonian born in 1955 with her writing reflective of her generation and environment she was raised in. Raised by musicians and brought up with music being part of daily life it is ingrained in who she is.
Being a teenager in the late 1960’s gave Ms Taylor-Helser a perspective that brought about a unique set of experiences that creates the back drop for all her wok ethics and integrity.. She developed a unique navigational style to traveling life’s long and winding roads and shares this in her business model.

With a life long passion and involvement in the independent Music Industry as a vocalist and artist manager a dream to create her own agency was born in 2012.

Barefoot Music Group Mission.

Barefoot Music is an artist management consultant agency with a commitment to independent artist’s by providing support services in management, exposure, promotion, and development of an original artist’s music & public image. Primarily focused in the Rock, R & B, Folk, & Blues.

Barefoot Music is committed to a goal of working with artist’s who posses unique musical talents, and who are also driven to work relentlessly toward their musical aspirations. Barefoot Music is, and will always remain a small focused agency which is one of the strengths allowing for customized and maximum professional consideration to each artist.

(note) My personal goal is to help the artist work in an environment of creativity and trust, providing a maximum interaction between the artist and their agent/manager. Barefoot Music is designed to help artists realize their potential and provide guidance through the different stages of a career in music.

Please feel welcome to contact us. Email  to




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