“I’ll Shy Away by Toni Helser & Phil Kearney

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Sometimes people come into our lives and with them they bring priceless gifts.

This is the case when Phil Kearney came into my life, his music struck me first and I became a fan, then we became friends. Phil has made a lifelong dream come true for me in turning my words into a song. I really don’t have adequate words to express my gratitude and fondness for Phil, he turned the “becoming a songwriter” into one of the most positive life changing experiences of my life. I’d even go as far and say Phil helped bring me to a point of full circle. Priceless!

Through the whole process of writing, recording, and final mixing Phil allowed me the privilege of being along for the journey of his process. I’ve learned so much while often just simply being in awe.

I’m in awe still Phil. Thank YOU!!

……and Phil…I’m even more of a fan.




Published on Oct 17, 2017


“I’ll Shy Away”Music by Phil Kearney
Lyrics by Toni HelserSo this is it, this is my lightship
where my sense is regained
Here’s where I find a kinship
Penetrating the atmosphere with it’s frailty

Spiraling and cascading
into vulnerability
Words that flow with ease
Into fairytales of ecstasy

I’ll shy away
from all the tears
No longer chained to shame

I’ll shy away
taking risk where they belong

No need to lie
no need to pretend
that I’m okay
I’m okay

It was all part of the denial
but there’s grace in my face now
No longer quietly afraid
Singing “this is no charade,
this serenity…”

Casting out the shadows
of all that I buried
Showing the scars
like some battered little thing

I’ll shy away
from all the tears
No longer chained to shame

I’ll shy away
taking risk where they belong

No need to lie
no need to pretend
that I’m okay
I’m okay

Light glimpsing softly
Shadows celebrate with the sunshine
shifting brilliance in all that’s divine.





“Backyards & Home Fronts by Steve Pullara- A BMG Review



steve pullura_backyards and home fronts album art

Steve Pullara’s newest children’s album Backyards & Home Fronts bridges the miles between deployed military and their family with the most upbeat and positive messages of love.

Through each of the eleven tracks listeners will find songs of celebrations for life’s little moments that are priceless, Steve’s lyrics and melodies create a path of sharing whether the distance is across a room or across an ocean. Consistently Steve and His Cool Beans Band bring whimsical and meaningful lyrics of love and hope to families around the world.

I’ve written before saying Steve’s albums should be part of every home every local library and school, now I include every military base housing should make this album available to the families stationed away from one another and often far from home.

When you’re looking for a gift to give to the children in your life I highly recommend Backyard & Home Fronts. Perhaps gift a copy to your local library too.

Toni Taylor-Helser- Barefoot Music Group, DJ Mixstream Radio

Discover Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band  More Here

Meet Danielle Mohr from St Pete Beach A Barefoot Road Show Treasured Find


Recently I took Barefoot Music Group on the road to the Sunshine State of Florida for 3 glorious weeks of fun and of local live music. More shares to follow but up first Miss Danielle Mohr- a Barefoot treasure.

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Please have a listen to this singer-songwriter’s original song “Shadow” and perhaps leave her a comment below.

More of Danielle Mohr Music here: