I have had the gift in the recent year to work with a few amazing and talented songwriters and musicians who have touched my life by making my words (read lyrics) come alive. My first collaborator and magician of a Musicman is Phil Kearney with 3 songs to our credit. I am embedding the videos below for your listening convenience. We would love feedback please.

First collab:


Second collab


Third Collab:








  1. I was only able to open one video…. Mystic Lady Gypsy Soul. I loved it. A great beat, wonderful lyrics. Congratulations. A great collaboration.

  2. Barefoot Baroness · 13 Days Ago

    Hi Ruth!! So happy to see you stop by.. Thank you so much for mentioning the broken links, repaired now,
    I adore your comments and you for having a listen. Thank you, thank you!

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