Bill Madison’s ” Old Fivers And Dimers ( a Barefoot review)

bill madison

Traditional Folk/Americana music needs to be kept alive, and Bill Madison is doing just that with his latest release of “Old Fivers And Dimers”.

Rich in history of his chosen tracks he combines also some of his own original work, creating a master of storytelling entertainment contained in one Cd.
Bill’s seasoned and laid back style lets the listener cozy into approximately 50 minutes of nostalgia that whether shared with another, or in solitude, it will leave you recalling times of yesteryears.
The title track “Old Fives and Dimers” will get your toes tapping and with its lyrics bring us all a reminder of ho we are.
Bill’s acoustic guitar the perfect accompaniment to his rich timbre vocals.
There’s always a certain sense of romance in a collection of cover tunes and Bill doesn’t disappoint, even making the old blues standard “House Of The Rising Sun” his own; including this writer’s favorite Rodney Crowell’s Shame On The Moon.
 Bill’s originals don’t disappoint the romantic at heard either, with his two co-written songs with his wife Nancy Madison: “Can’t Stay Away” and “Friends In Love” the listener will be left with a wonderful sense of nostalgia…. and even hope.
Review by Toni Taylor-Helser
Barefoot Music Group
Please check out Bill’s artist page at for his collection of music. Included here is one track “Friends In Love” written by Bill & his wife Nancy Madison.
Interested in having Barefoot Music Group review your music please contact me at

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