On-Line Busking ~ Supporting Live Music

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On-line Busking & House Concerts 

Music and how it’s being created, performed, and even recorded is evolving all the time in new platforms in which an audience of fans hears and experiences music today. 

How independent radio is helping even the playing field in the music industry is a strong indicator of the changes, especially for Independent musicians. 
The evolution in the music industry is fascinating and recently I have been following the ongoing debate about artist’s compensation. 
Whether it be from music accessed via the old-fashioned ( and hopefully not extinct) CD/Record store, digitally through the Internet, or live performances, it’s obvious that most artist’ are still not being compensated righteously.
Music sites routinely offer up incentives for their music contributors, listener’s are measured, yet typically most music sites have no further interest past how many hits/views an artist page receives. 
Many of these sites offer free artist’s pages and a platform to charge for downloads of their music, but unless the artist has a strong and wide fan base they make little from their music sales. 
Live performances still are how artists create the kind of exposure that sells their music.
The marketing savvy band/artist knows that building a demand for their live performances is what creates the exposure they need to sell their music and merchandise. . 
But even setting a fair price for performance compensation is difficult,  and all the while there’s the risk that ALL of an artist’s music is being made available for free. 

It’s obvious that the mainstream music industry in general have consistently failed to respond to what the artist’s needs to make an adequate living, what the listener wants, and what the current realities to cyberspace and music are.

Admittedly there is no shortage of great music and access to it today, and for both the music maker’s and the listener’s it’s become  a matter of choices. With little surprise live music performances (despite the quality of recorded music) is still the popular choice for fans to hear and see their favorite artists/bands. 
Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to hear.
Making that happen is easier today than ever.
On-line Busking, aka Net-Busking is fast becoming one of the platforms to see a favorite artist’s live gig, and in the privacy of your own home. Much like the pay-per view sporting events that family & friends get together for, so are people “Busking” music. 
“Busking” is a common term for the act of performing in a public area for voluntary donations of change.
I just experienced my first On-line Busking performance The artist I watched streaming his music live was doing so for free on the Internet, on a site set up for this kind of platform, and there is a way to tip the artist available on this particular site. I’m not naming the site only because I am not advertising the site, but if you search you’ll find a few links.
Instead I am hoping to engage a discussion here about this particular platform. From a personal perspective as a music fan I see great potential that this is a phenomenal way to support Independent Live Music,  and to hear and see live performances
An artist/band needs only a web-cam & microphone, their music, and they can be live streaming or pod-casting right into our homes. 
On-line Busking into House Concerts can get create more visibility to build a wider fan base. Performances for those who live outside the main tour hubs would have the option of live performances that the artist’s offer, while this concept of performing for fans allows the artist’s and fan’s to create a meaningful connection and making life-long fans. I see even the potential for fan’s to really have th power of the people right at their finger tips in deciding which songs will became chart toppers.

Along with the benefit of exposure for the artists there is this idea of the Virtual “TipHat ” (Tip Jar) so that listener’s may actually tip the performers who are busking online. That’s the other half to Busking -“Tips”
Sites that specialize in On line Busking have the ability for fans to tip in place. I am a fan of this concept ands aw it in action today.
I read a really good article that spells this concept out better than I. http://futureofmusic.org/article/virtual-tip-jar-or-charity-case
Making a living as an artist has never been easy, the largest percentage of artist’s in the business are performing their music out of a passion & devotion, making the cliché “Starving Artist” more true than we’d like to see. 
I’m beginning to see the real advantages to On-line Busking. 
What’s your thoughts? 



4 Replies to “On-Line Busking ~ Supporting Live Music”

  1. Right on! Toni! I think the future of on-line performance is only going to get better with technology constantly growing and improving. I know, I need a computer tune up and probably a better web cam. I’ve used Concert Window as well – here fans buy tickets to your performance – a little more formal than Street Jelly! I like the informality of Street Jelly and the far out “smiley icons used there” and it’s free for the fan to sign up and get involved.

    1. I agree Joss that for people who don’t like crowds, are unable to get out, and/or live in such small communities that live concerts are rare, Online Busking is filling a void for live music.
      The Star Trek Holladeck come true.

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