Kit Mann Returns w/ A Double Shot

The Hurt Will Heal

Back for a Double Shot with Kit Mann
Kit Mann is an independent artist whose music right away lets you understand the artist part about him. But what you won’t know right away is that Kit’s music is a direct reflection of his life. Kit writes what he knows, and what he has lived. Kit’s music is part of my ever day, I listen to him routinely and find his versatility one of the reasons I do listen to him daily. Finding a Kit Mann song to fit whatever mood I am in is never a long shot.
(Click on son titles below.)
Please visit Kit Mann & his music and please feel welcome to leave Kit a comment. Say hello to him & that you were here.

Kit Mann

All of Kit’s music is generously available for free with safe downloading.

From  Kit’s artist page.

” I am a former Police Officer, Sheriff’s Deputy, EMT and Soldier.  I learned everything I could so when someone was at the worst moment of their life, they could look up, see me and know they are safe.  I have 10 songs on my first CD, “A Cry For Help”, and I have 12 recorded for my next CD “Guitar Mann”

.My motto with music is:  If I can touch one person with one song my job is done and I’m happy, then I try and do it again.  Thank You

You can visit my music page at   and

All songs are free to download and listen to.  Soft acoustic music, Blues Music, Mild Rock, Country, instrumentals and a Christmas song. ”

~ Kit Mann

3 Replies to “Kit Mann Returns w/ A Double Shot”

  1. Toni you are so awesome, thank you so very very much for the write up. It people just like you I chose the line of work I did, and write and record music for. Love ya ❤

    1. You are so very welcome Kit, it is always my pleasure to share your music. You are an amazing lyricist and musician with this perfect feel for how to tell a story both in narrative and in music composition.
      I play your music daily on a personal playlist, and am grateful for your generosity with allowing the free downloads. I think it’s an amazing gift to music fans and I love that it can take your tunes anywhere with me.
      Much love to you my friend~

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