11 Replies to “Roger d Davenport’s The River”

  1. My father was a musician and I grew up in this world … there is some real talent in those fingers, even more in the soul.
    blessings ~ maxi

    1. Learning this about you Maxi warms my heart. My father also was a musician, also growing up in the life. So another thing we have in common. I love that.
      I think Roger is really very good too, I enjoy his guitar from his rock style to his blues, just wish he was local to me so I could see him live.

      Thank you & much love to you my dear big sis ~ 🙂

    1. I hear what you hearing now that you mention it Tess. Good ear my friend. Now that you have mentioned it I do get a sense of that whole San Francisco music influence from the 60’s & 70’s.
      I will ask Roger if he has been influenced by Carlos Santana in anyway.
      Thank you for sharing what you heard and felt. Means a lot to me, but I know it means even more so to the artist themselves.

      1. No Tess, you are fine. Roger knows I posted here on my music blog, I always ask the independent artists first for their permission to post. And I always send links to comments.to the artist. So you are absolutely welcome to leave comments here for them. Saying that I know going to their sites is so very welcome,and they hope for more listeners.
        Thank you so much for it being a concern, I think you are pretty wonderful. 🙂

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