Happy 2014 w/ singer-songwriter Michael Stone

Michael Stone 

Ringing in the new year with independent artist Michael Stone’s music, which is a personal choice here on Barefoot Music to embrace 2014 with. My gratitude to Michael for the gift of allowing his music to be shared here. With the foreshadow of what he will be bringing to his fan’s in the new year I look forward to sharing more of Micheal’s new music here in 2014.

 Sounds Like:  Neil Diamond, Mare Cohn, Harry Chapin, Billy Joel,  The Beatles, Yusuf/Cat Stevens.

I had a difficult time choosing which of Micheal’s tunes to showcase here because I like every thing he does that I have heard.  The above statement about who Michael sounds like is only part of his charm for me musically. He somehow brings a spirit of each of those favorite singers/songwriter’s energy to his music, yet maintaining a definite signature sound and style all his own. Micheal’s lyrics, his vocals, and his guitar makes me laugh, makes me cry, and always causes me to reflect.

I think that is the beautiful gift of great music.

I hope you will enjoy this song below (see link), and then go have a listen to more of Micheal’s music.


Michael Stone sings and writes music with passion!

Michael Stone is a singer-songwriter-radio personality-actor and who can’t stop creating.

Take a few minutes a find out what makes this music unique. –
See more about Michael and his music at:



If you live or are visiting in the Rockledge, Florida you can see Michael perform live see link here:


2 Replies to “Happy 2014 w/ singer-songwriter Michael Stone”

  1. Baroness… Thank you so much for the kind words about my music. I wish you the best in 2014. I am so looking forward to a year filled with new music. A new album, EP and at least 4 new singles are all in the works and I can’t thank you enough for sharing my music. ~M~

    ~MIchael Stone~

    1. Michael I truly thank YOU for allowing the share, My passion for independent music is partly because of the people behind the microphones and instruments are so generous with their art, just as you are.
      It is my pleasure always to be merely the messenger here by sharing in all the fantastic music to be heard, and I look forward to what you will be bringing us in 2014.
      Play on my friend. ~ BB

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