Christmas Time in Heaven by Kit Mann

Barefoot Music is celebrating this 2013 holiday Season by sharing Christmas Music by Independent Musicians

Happy Holidays from Barefoot Music and all the amazing artists who are so generously contributing their music.

Christmas Time In Heaven

Independent Singer/Songwriter Kit Mann
(his) “Christmas Time In Heaven
An original Kit Mann tune
Please visit link

For your enjoyment:  Kit offers this tune and many more his original compositions for your listening pleasure and/or free downloads.

Visit Kit @

Thank you Kit for your beautiful sharing of your music. You are a gift to Barefoot Music and myself.

4 Replies to “Christmas Time in Heaven by Kit Mann”

  1. Thank you so much Toni. I wrote this song after my Grandfather passed away. We have all lost someone in our lives. Family, Friends, Pets and we can be sure that they are in Heaven and at this time of year, they are looking down upon us and their tears of joy or the Chrystal snowflakes that fall. The one gift God granted us is the ability to pray. You don’t need a special place, or time to pray. I think this is one of the greatest gifts. The ability to pray can never be taken away from you by anyone. I hope I can touch one person with this song and my job is done. Merry Christmas Toni and to all your fans.

    Kit Mann ❤

    1. You have a wonderful way of expressing yourself in any writing you do it appears So beautifully said Kit. Thank you.I especially love, “The ability to pray can never be taken away from you by anyone.’
      Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. ~

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