Meet Fine Artist Jorge Proveda ~ A Musician’s Artist

Barefoot Music has become an advocate for Independent Music & the Artists who create it.

Many of these Independent artist are recording their music and creating CD‘s for fans like myself. Artwork is a main staple for those CD’s.

I would like to introduce everyone to the talent of  fine artist; Jorge Proveda and to his paintings, drawings, & sketches.

 Jorge Poveda’s art is something I think should be shared with everyone. Some of Jorge’s work  is fantastic portraits of rock guitarists, and other relevant works to the world of Rock n Roll which  is how I first was introduced to his art.
I have a belief Jorge should be designing album art for musicians as one of gigs, and hope one day to see his art on CD covers.

Jorge who hails from beautiful Argentina and brings his homeland influences into his  art compositions which cover all faucets of life and the world, I am a fan of his art and especially  am fond of his striking color values and  combinations. Finding incredible texture in his paintings and drawings some of my personal favorite are his Rock n Roll themed works, and his trees. Jorge does amazing things with trees which I have an affinity for anyway.
I invite you to sit back with your favorite brew, or gather some friends with a Yerba Mate and have a wander through Jorge’s art.
And when you visit his page linked below please say hello, and share a thought or two.

If you have an interest in commissioning Jorge for some work please contact him through a private message on his Facebook page.

(Jorge is available internationally for commission work)

So.. what did you like? Hear? Feel? Think?

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