Sunday Love Songs w/ Independent Artist Lyrical Princess ~ Linda Fry

Lyrical Princess

Barefoot Music is proud to introduce to you the amazing talents of Independent artist‘s; lyricist Linda Fry, and musicians The TrueVulgarians. 
Sunday Love Song 
Lyrical Princess Linda Fry  & The TrueVulgarians.

From Linda’s artist page;

My name is Linda Fry . I’ve been a Member/Artist here at Mixposure since 2008. Music has always been my best friend. Although I don’t sing or play, It’s always there for me. I came here as just a listener, which in time.. I’ve learned is a very big deal here. Because without the listeners.. There’s really no use for a music site..

I had no idea how much my life was about to change when I joined Mixposure. The people here seemed to me, overly friendly.. I naturally thought the worst, And tried to keep to myself. That is nearly impossible. Especially if you post something here. I had posted what I considered to be just a silly poem I had written (writing is my outlet), Titled “Here In The Dark”.  After going through a few weeks of thinking I was just being ridiculed with people asking if they could use my lyrics (as I only saw them as words), I finally caved & said Yes. It became my first  Co- Written Collaboration with David Lunbeck… I was on top of the world.. I had words put into a song that others could relate to.. What a feeling that was.. Somewhere during all of this, I was told I should become an Artist.. I kept saying I don’t think so.. And by the next morning.. I was a member .. Someone had made me one..LoL

I finally started joining in the mixposure radio chat room.. I was told I could hear my music be played in there. Well, if that wasn’t a night to remember.. Completely computer illeterate . I couldn’t figure out how to make the player work for the music to play..The chat was going so fast with hellos & people trying to help.. I was litterally terrified.. And wanted to dissappear forever. But a very nice man popped up in a P.M. and calmly walked me through everything step by step & helped calm me down.. What a relief! Thank You so much kind man (You know who you are) ! Finally, I could enjoy myself… Got to hear music & talk to the people that created it.. Didn’t talk a lot.. Was very shy back then.. lol

It didn’t take long and I felt I’d known everyone like they were family.. This had become my home, away from home.. The rest is history.. I’ve been writing Poetry (The people at Mixposure, like to call lyrics) ever since..

I like to collaborate.. I don’t have any specific Genre that I prefer.. But I like to be able to understand the words (without screaming vocals & music).. My words almost always come from the heart & are very meaningful to me (sometimes I’ll throw in something silly). I think I’m pretty easy to work with.. I post most everything I write up in The blog area on the Front Mix page & it stays in my Blogs until someone decides to use them. If you see something you think you might like to work with, just message me .. But Please keep me informed on How it’s coming along..

I have very few Co-written songs. Most everyone I’ve had the opportunity to work with, have for the most part only had to change a couple words if any. I’ve been very fortunate. But I am always willing to work with any situation that may arise.

Below is the link for Linda’s artist page and on it you can find also a list of the collaborations she has done and Linda hopes you’ll listen & enjoy ~

So.. what did you like? Hear? Feel? Think?

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