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*Note: Original Posted from Jazztown Marketing & Promotions

I spend countless hours each week talking to artist-promoter and others about marketing & promotions, music, entertainment as a whole. The sad part is a lot still do not get what is going on in the market because they don’t like to read. Me and business partner and some promoter speak of this everyday, so here is some meat for you to eat today for the rest of your life in this business. Do you know how to build a fanbase for your music career? I’m not talking about getting Twitter followers, SoundCloud plays, YouTube views, Facebook likes, or anything like that.

I’m talking about building a real fan base of real people that look forward to hearing your music, support you, and will actually spend money on you and your brand.

If your answer is anything except “yes”, you should continue reading, this post is for you.

Most music artists don’t know much about building a fan base. They associate “fan base” with social media metrics like Twitter followers and Soundcloud plays – which holds them back from taking their music career to the next level.

See, gaining fans will usually result in an increase in Twitter followers, SoundCloud plays, and so forth.

But it doesn’t work the same way in reverse.

An increase in Twitter followers, Soundcloud plays, and etc. does not usually result in gaining fans.

Most music artists (especially in hip-hop) are hustling backwards.

So, in this post, I want to help guide you down the correct path for building fans.

But, understand, the tips and advice in this post are not the only ways to build a fan base. The further along you get in your music career – the more you’ll understand what works best for you when it comes to building true fans.
Don’t Ask Them To Listen To Your Music: As much as it may seem that music is the deciding factor between having fans and not having fans, it’s not.

People usually become fans of an artist due to a combination of things they like from that artist. Maybe they like their personality and music, maybe they like their fashion and lifestyle, or maybe they like everything about that artist.

So, why shouldn’t you directly ask strangers to listen to your music? Because you wouldn’t ask them to check out your new clothes or your new car that’s better than everyone else’s.

You (probably) understand that if you’d asked a stranger to check out your new clothes or new car you’d look like you’re trying to brag or show off – making you look “lame”.

Asking someone to listen to your music is very similar. However, in most cases, it’s not bragging – instead, it shows that you can’t get anyone to listen to your music organically and, odds are, you’re struggling.

Instead of directly asking someone to listen to your music, have a genuine conversation with them and relax.

In the beginning, your fanbase will likely be built up of relationships with people that like you as a person. The more they like you, the more support you can expect from them.

Music plays a small role during the early stages of fan building and becomes more valuable as you scale up.

But Darius, how do I promote my music then?

Once you start building relationships and getting noticed, people will look you up. This curiosity is what makes them more likely to listen to your music than if you were to ask them.

And also, if someone asks what you do or where to find your music, feel free to tell them. That’s perfectly fine.

You just want to avoid forcing your music on them.
Give Them A Reason To Support You: No one will support your music career if there’s nothing to support.

You’re going to have to show your potential audience that you’re putting in the work necessary to become successful.

Every fan you have (or will have) is making an investment in you.

They’re investing their reputation, time, and eventually their money – and It’s your job to make them feel like you’re a good investment.

For example, Machine Gun Kelly has a private Facebook group that only his fans can get into.

In this group:

1. His fans get to connect with each other. This strengthens their fan loyalty to him because this allows them to build relationships with one mutual interest: him.

2. He occasionally posts in the facebook group from his personal Facebook account and gives an update on what’s going on with his career, his feelings, and whatever else. This further increases his fan loyalty because now, they’re not only getting a personal update from the man himself but sometimes they’re also getting exclusive information before it’s released to the public (if ever).

You don’t have to do the exact same thing, but you still need to build a community.

A community can be built on social media, your music website, forums, in-person, and more.
Support Others!!!!!!!!!!! In addition to giving people something to support, you need to support others.

This goes back to building relationships.

By showing support to others, you build relationships and make other people want to support you as well in return.

You can choose to support someone in several different ways but, to help you get started, I’m going to give you a few strategies:
•Attending their events
•Purchasing their items (music, merch, etc.)
•Promoting a song, video, and etc. online with a comment showing love
•Telling them directly
•Offering help/volunteering
Be Active & Be Seen: In today’s world, the internet is a big part of any music career. It’s free and you can reach a massive amount of people with relatively little work.

However, it does not replace face to face interactions.

Being active on the scene when events are happening is a great way to get noticed – especially when you have little to no connections in your local area.

Just getting noticed may not seem like a big deal but, the more you’re seen, the more people will start to wonder who you are – leading to conversations, them possibly looking you up online, and finding your music organically.

Eventually, you’ll start building relationships with people and getting attention.

The more quality relationships you have, the more credibility you’ll gain – which leads to building more relationships and becoming “cool by association”.

This marketing technique is one you’ll see heavily used when companies introduce new products.

They’ll package the new product with something you already know and love. This creates the idea that the new product is of equal value and quality as the product you already love.
Make Sure Your Content Is High Quality: When I mention “high-quality content”, artists usually think I’m referring to their music – but that’s not the case.

“Content” refers to all the material that’s released of you to the public. It’s a fairly broad category but it includes your music, photos, videos, social media posts, and more.

High-quality content is your secret weapon as an upcoming music artist.

High-quality content, especially as a relatively unknown music artist, will make you look more important than you currently are.

A good way to gauge the quality of your content is to compare it to popular music artists both locally and nationally.

While you should never compare your life and music career to other’s, it’s extremely helpful to see how you stack up to artists who are successfully where you’d like to take your music career. If the quality of your content can match or even exceed theirs, there’s a good chance you will be able to reach the same level and surpass it.
Clarify What “A Fan” Means: Clarifying what being a “fan” means to you is a very important step for building your fan base.

How do I be a fan of you? Like, what does that actually mean?

Does that mean I follow you on Twitter or I follow you on Facebook?

Does that mean I share your music online?

In order to be able to clarify what a “fan” means to you, you’re going to need to have goals for your music career.

Your goals will dictate what you need out of your fans in order to reach your goals. Once you know what you need from them – make that clear to your current fans and those supporting you.

If you have little-to-no fans, make sure to let your first few fans know exactly how they can help you.

Transparency is not only good because the music industry is filled with shady motives, but because when your fans know why you need them do something – once you achieve that goal – they can have a sense of achievement and success as well.

As your fan base increase, your newer fans will no longer need you to let them know how they can help (although it helps when your goals change). They’re going to follow what your current fans are doing right now.

If your current fans are sharing on Twitter and talking highly of you, that’s what your new fans are going to do.

If your current fans are requesting your music on the radio, your new fans will do the same.

Get where I’m going with this?
Focus Your Efforts & Take Care Of Your Image: This is an area that I wish I didn’t need to mention, but I know I do. You have to focus on your goals and do what it takes to achieve them.

And guess what? You won’t always know exactly what it takes to achieve them – but that’s Ok.

As long as you think your goals through and make it a plan, regardless if you fail or succeed – it becomes easier the next time you do it.

If you already have your goals and have started working towards them, make sure to track how you’re doing and adjust accordingly.

Use your analytics and data to identify what areas are working for you and which ones are not.

The data might show you that you’re popular in Houston, Texas – but not your own hometown. This would let you know that you should be visiting Houston and trying to take advantage of more opportunities in that area.

If Twitter is your best performing social media platform, focus on Twitter. Yes, you will need to use other social platforms as well – but use Twitter to its full potential before splitting your time on another social network.

The benefits you get by focusing your effort will make diversifying your efforts easier down the line – especially once you have a decent sized audience that can help you grow in other areas.
Your image is one of the most important areas of your music career. The way you look will affect the opportunities you get, as well as influence your relationship with your fans.

Here are a few examples of what things are a part of your image:
•Your haircut/hairstyle
•Your clothes
•Your teeth
•Your accessories/jewelry
•Your muscles
•Your logo
•Your website

All of those things (and more) are a part of your image.

Your goal should be to have the best image you can possibly have. The better your image, the more attention you will attract. This applies to both the music industry and regular life.

As a music artist, you should look like a music artist. Obviously, this “look” will be different based on the type of music you make, your personality, and build. Regardless, you shouldn’t look like an aspiring music artist.


Because your (potential) fans want to support an artist – not someone who’s trying to be an artist.

There are tons of people trying to be music artists. They’re typically the people mentioning you on social media telling you to check out their music. You don’t want to be that, nor associated with that.

Building A Fanbase Takes Time



A New Michael Stone CD Release

About Syncopacity-Michael Stone’s New CD


A big shout out of congrats to Michael Stone on the release of his new CD “Syncopacity” and my (TTaylor-Helser) gratitude for including our collaboration “Come Sail With Me” as one of the 16 tracks.

To my family and friends; if you purchase Syncopacity you are not only supporting multi-talented Michael Stone but you’d be supporting yours truly as well,
Digitally available now at all the usual outlets, physical CD’s due to be released next month



heart whispers



It’s Here! “Come Sail With Me”

I invite you to have a listen to this collaboration with Michael Stone and myself, a love ballad, my first.

Finding a place in this second season of my life as a lyricist is a dream I never really believed would be realized. How wrong I was. Being surrounded by creative musicians, composers and songwriters has enriched my life personally and professionally in ways I am in awe of everyday.

Don’t ever give up your dreams.




The new album comes out late 2018

Come Sail With Me
Music and Lyrics
Michael Stone and Toni Taylor-Helser
© 2018 BMI


Come sail with me on scented wind cool and clean,

Blowing wild and free, blushing moonlight hides an ash white face,

Come sail with me Diamonds of candles dimly lit,
Flames soften a quiet embrace.
All through the night, mirrored by only starlight

Come sail with me with spirits bright
Shameless dreams unfold,
Sunlight breaks to show the story told

Come sail with me gale winds churn the sea to a rage
Sea and sky as lovers, like you and I
Sail to the horizon you and I

Come sail with me set course, the soul’s desire
Powered by painted sails a horizon sunset on fire

Come sail away with me on a voyage quest of reflections
Adrift together on a wild sea
Stars guide us to cosmic connections

Come sail with me

Then comes the thunder.. complete with it’s wonderful roar
Flashes of light that dance through the night once more
Rolling thunder. sailing under dark skies,
Fly by night anchored on stormy seas together
Footloose souls, surrender,

Love soars adrift on a wild sea

Wind in our sails we are free

Ocean and sky as lovers, like you and I
Sail to the horizon you and I

Come sail with me, on scented wind cool and clean

Come sail with me

Blowing wild and free

Come Sail With Me



I have had the gift in the recent year to work with a few amazing and talented songwriters and musicians who have touched my life by making my words (read lyrics) come alive. My first collaborator and magician of a Musicman is Phil Kearney with 3 songs to our credit. I am embedding the videos below for your listening convenience. We would love feedback please.

First collab:


Second collab


Third Collab:






When Magic In Music Happens


Words from my Partner In Music (Phil Kearney) I proudly want to share.
(Me: Terrestrial Radio? I can’t stop smiling)

From Phil:
” I was in a store recently. While completing my transaction with the lovely girl behind the counter, I heard my name followed by the announcement that one of my songs had just been played on the radio playing in the background.

I turned into a ten-year-old, “Hey, that’s me! On the radio!” PATHETIC, I know! 🙂

I want to thank Marcus Lind from Bluff’s Broadcasting and KMOR. He truly supports our local music scene. Those who write songs in particular. Thanks Marcus!!!















“Backyards & Home Fronts by Steve Pullara- A BMG Review



steve pullura_backyards and home fronts album art

Steve Pullara’s newest children’s album Backyards & Home Fronts bridges the miles between deployed military and their family with the most upbeat and positive messages of love.

Through each of the eleven tracks listeners will find songs of celebrations for life’s little moments that are priceless, Steve’s lyrics and melodies create a path of sharing whether the distance is across a room or across an ocean. Consistently Steve and His Cool Beans Band bring whimsical and meaningful lyrics of love and hope to families around the world.

I’ve written before saying Steve’s albums should be part of every home every local library and school, now I include every military base housing should make this album available to the families stationed away from one another and often far from home.

When you’re looking for a gift to give to the children in your life I highly recommend Backyard & Home Fronts. Perhaps gift a copy to your local library too.

Toni Taylor-Helser- Barefoot Music Group, DJ Mixstream Radio

Discover Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band  More Here

Meet Independent Singer-songwriter Yvonne Jay



*Image Text*    Meet Miss Yvonne Jay;  Scotland’s daughter and America’s Songbird, whose strong vocals resonate the hope and joy that fosters her listeners to navigate trying and often painful moments in life in a healing way. Heartfelt and elegant her enchanting wordsmithing is a contributor to the organic magic that with Miss Jay’s songwriting  chops creates a sublime partnership between her talents as a vocalist and a songwriter.

As a songwriter Miss Jay delivers lyrical sincerity, honesty and emotional purity that represents her truly eclectic style and forward thinking that brings all the magic that is Yvonne Jay.

I invite you to visit her website, YouTube channel  and her Facebook page- explore her catalog of music, an incredible example of just how versatile this artist is. Learn why this artist can’t be boxed into any single genre.

Toni Taylor-Helser ~ Musicologist, DJ/Radio Personality

Mixstream Radio & Barefoot Music Group




David Miller & Stones Throw

Booking Now!

Contact email:


David Miller & Stones Throw
David Miller & Stones Throw formed in fall of 2015. The band came together first as an opportunity for Guitarist/Vocalist David Miller and long time friend Meshem Jackson to make music together. Brian Hickey came on board soon after and the band began playing mostly blues covers around Central Oregon. A couple months of work made it very apparent that this power trio had something special going. The desire to create original music and broaden the bands setlist saw DMST evolving into more of a Rock band then a Blues band, though the blues is still a big part of DMST’s live shows. The band started learning some originals David had written over the years and adding material from their favorite non-blues artists. Now the future is wide open! DMST plan to record soon and play as often as possible while building a strong fan base up and down the West Coast and later….the world!!
David Miller
Brian Hickey-Bass, vocals
Meshem Jackson-Drums

When The Torch Is Passed

I want to share this. It’s personal but the message about music written by my 17 year old grandson Trey is universally relevant . I believe we all have the responsibility to pass the torches of art and creativity on. For so many reasons. Along with feeling immense pride that he inherited the gift to write and a love for music I am beyond proud of the young man he is.



“Blessings for the music and the moments that recall memories of a dusted past. Not too long ago, I was upset that memories of my childhood were not coming up for me and it seemed I knew little of my life away from the present, but lately little movements, sounds and thoughts have jogged my mind full of moments of the past. I’m so blessed to have lived all the beauty the world has to offered to me so far. I have so much love for myself and all who wish to flourish(So every being). May you all feel my light come through to hug and awake your in this moment.”
-With Love, Effort and Ease, Trey




All rights reserved ttaylor2016



11th Annual Central Oregon(USA) Hoedown For Hunger- A Music Benefit


The Central Oregon (USA) 11th Hoedown For Hunger will take place at Bend’s Community Center (BCC), 1036 NE 5th St, Bend, OR 97701 on Saturday, Nov. 5 beginning at 3 p.m. This event is kind of mini-festival that features local artists who donate their performances each year to help raise money for BCC’s “Feed the Hungry” project. Many of Central Oregon’s finest acoustic performers participate. This year’s event will include Central Oregon’s busiest performer Bobby Lindstrom as well as 10-year old fiddle phenomenon CJ Neary, a multiple winner at the National Old Time Fiddler’s Championships to go along with state and regional titles. The music tends towards country, bluegrass and folk, but past shows have included some blues, celtic, and soul.

In addition to the music, the Hoedown also features a chili feed with a variety of chili recipes from restaurants and caterers of Central Oregon.

Find the Songs here


More details to follow.

Bobby Lindstrom Live in Central Oregon USA Tonight

Hey Central Oregon Peeps!!!!

Hey hey it’s Saturday night at Velvet with Bobby Lindstrom and Ed the Whistler joining him.
I’m thinking Bobby might be talked into giving us a prerelease performance of a tune or two from his coming to you soon new album, recorded at Sound Concepts Studio in Nashville this past summer.
Along with Bobby’s enormous and vast repertoire the evenings tunes will keep the toes tapping and the heart rate pumping.


BMG Review- “If Walls Could Talk” by Justin Johnson

if walls could talk cd art_justin johnson
Maestro Justin Johnson’s “If Walls Could Talk” is an intriguing album of engaging instrumental compositions and arrangements with extraordinary layers throughout all 12 dynamic tracks. A must hear that should not be defined by genre alone.
A fellow roots fan first introduced me to Johnson’s music a couple of years ago when he was on tour performing with his Cigar Box Guitars (CBG) in Coos Bay Oregon while also turning his shows into teaching  moments. Educating school children (and parent & teachers) about CBG’s and their relationship to the history of Roots music; keeping an important art alive and thriving with new students thanks to Justin Johnson.  
Whether it be one string or 12, Maestro Johnson is a string virtuoso and he is an ambassador for Roots music.
This newly released CD & DVD combination “If Walls Could Talk” showcases the impeccable string musician that Johnson is; spotlighting the individual layers of who he is as a musician, and who he is as an artist. These 12 tracks speak volumes to how genuine Johnson stayed to his own roots (pun intended) on this project, and how true he stayed to the music that unfolded in the Tennessee Braxton Dixon built house where he lived during the composing and arranging of this album.  
The brilliant nod to the stunning voices of each of the instruments Justin chose to use also feels to this listener that he intentionally also stayed true to his signature sound and roots style.
Justin Johnson has created an archive of music history with this album.
Album producer John Carter Cash says it far more eloquently about Justin and his music; “the very soul of America.” 
If you’re a lyrically driven music fan who’s not typically an instrumental fan Justin Johnson is going to convert you with his introspective melody lines.
If you are a die-hard instrumental fan “If Walls Could Talk” will speak to you on many levels with the dramatic voices of each string instrument that Justin and album producer John Carter Cash obviously put much thought into choosing.
If you are a returning Justin Johnson fan then you will be happily content with this new addition to Johnson’s catalog. 
As is my custom when living listening to a new album I intend to write about I begin compiling snippets of notes. “If Walls Could Talk” struck me right away as being quite special. A repeated note I made throughout the week was referencing the emotional roller coaster this album takes the listener on; each song evoking wonderfully intense feelings of nostalgia, lightness, sadness, mourning and moody
feelings…. just like music is meant to do- just like music should do.
The opening track for me is nostalgia in music, captivating me right away with Johnson’s epic interpretation of “Summertime,”
Justin perfectly sets up the stunning ambiance for the phrasing of the entire album with this classic song with the strikingly beautiful unique voice of the 1923 Gibson Mandolin. It’s fine nuances bring a richness of depth to this classic that makes it Justin’s own. The mandolin ‘singing’ the lyrics is perfectly accompanied by a 1963 Gibson Folksinger and “Magic” an upright bass. This is a treasure to any collection of music, it’s also a fabulous crossover for different categories of collections. 
Though I could easily write about each of the 12 tracks, I’m not. I don’t want to intrude on anyone’s first listen who may have not yet to heard the album. Each listener is going to hear something different from these walls as this music will touch a personal chord in each one of us. 
While speaking of personal and again my love for nostalgia in music I want to address one more track.
So many memories are wrapped around music
Track #5 “Wood & Weed” takes me back in time to another phase of my life when traditional country music was what I was being raised on. “Wood & Weed” is definitely not country, nor is it traditional. Great roots music is organic in nature and allows for the listener to hear in the composition that which reaches inside and grabs the individual attention of each of us..I am taken to my childhood with this track.
Throughout the album there is almost a mythical ‘poetic-ness’ – for me it’s all about the instrument voices and the songs they sing. Much like a Museum of Art I find myself associating this album to a dream come true for an audio curator of string instruments.
Audiophiles/musicologists like myself however will find this no dream, instead happily we find a reality in our ears when we hear the brilliance of Maestro Johnson perfectly translating the voice of each incredible instrument that he played on this album.
*Recording Notes*
Mandolin- 1925 Gibson Lloyd Loar F5
Resonator Guitar- 176 Dobro Model 66
Acoustic Guitar- 163 Gibson F-25 Folksinger
Acoustic Guitar-Martin Limited Edition OM-28WRosanne Cash Signature Model #2
Electric Guitar- Little Crow Guitars Custom “Justin Johnson”Corvinho Model
Cigar Box Guitar- Homegrown Strings-4-string
Baritone Ukulele- Willow Glen Guitars
Upright Bass- “Magic”
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the video footage of the recording sessions on the DVD included in the CD/DVD set. I purposely left watching the DVD until I was ready to write and I am glad I did as I wanted to write without any bias; After watching the video I know that would not have been an easy thing to do. 
Following Justin and Nikki for months prior to release they shared so many aspects of this project during the composing and then the recording that their sharing endeared them both to fans,this writer included. Leaving the DVD’ for the last was much like an epilogue to living vicariously through Justin & Nicki over the past several months allowed for no bias on this listener/writer’s part.
The music that went on inside those walls is simply brilliant, and that’s no bias. Like blueprints, that’s a fact 
If Walls Could Talk Cd/Dvd available here
  “If Walls Could Talk” Mp3’s available at all outlets below here:
More Justin Johnson here
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When An Artists Dream Comes True

“A dream come true!!! I met Dave Mustaine and could give him my painting!!! Life is good, absolute happiness”    ~ Jorge Poveda, Artist


jorge poveda_dave mustaine tribute

Take a virtual stroll through Jorge’s gallery here.

When Fine Artist Jorge Poveda is inspired to paint one of his visually stimulating musician tributes there are many things on his mind. One thing I think is always on his mind is the hope that his dream of meeting and presenting his painting to the respective musicians will come true..

Recently this is in fact what happened. Jorge’s dream came true regarding metal master Dave Mustaine; most notably known as Megadeth’s Co-founder & lead guitarist/singer as well as Metallica’s original lead guitarist.

Jorge’s expresses of his joy so well in the stringing of words together that his joy is felt by anyone reading his words.As is with his brilliant tributes; the pure joy the musicians give to artist Jorge Poveda can be felt in his translating in every brush stroke and every vibrant color he choice.

SO cool Jorge!!

Are there other paintings that have brought Jorge to his dream coming true?  Take a virtual stroll through Jorge’s gallery here.











An Inquiring Musician Wants To Know: i.e Local Bands & Audiences

Steve Patterson

Musician and friend to Barefoot Music Group Steve Patterson is a gifted finger pickin’ guitarist whose own music is like a soothing salve that heals open wounds on the heart. Steve’s chops come through the spirit of who he is right down through his fingers transposing all that soulful emoting right on to his fretboard.

As a writer whose focus is often music I am fascinated with the ways other musicians think and find ways to use social media as a tool to suss out questions in the music industry, especially the Independent music scene.

So Steve asked…….

” What qualities should a local band have to keep an audience happy, in a club situation? And, what is your biggest complaint about live music in the same situation…..”

……and so they answered.

Marvin ~ Play more upbeat songs…i hate to hear nothing but slow sad ballads.


Lynette ~ More Mustang Sally & Free Bird……
Mike NAlways to loud for me.
Windell ~ Excellent question..
Robert H ~ Audience participation. We have seen a local to Grand Prairie TX band (Jurassic Rock) and they would have a group of the lovely ladies from the crowd come on stage to play tambourine, the triangle and maracas during Mustang Sally or some other song. It was lots of fun.

Ruth WI would love it if local bands would choose a club where the audience goes to listen to music and not drink all the beer on the planet. And if those local bands could play original music, it would be heaven.


Madalyn ~My one complaint is musicians playing so loud that you cannot hear vocalist. When it’s all instrumental cut loose. I really love nuanced pieces showcasing different instruments. 

Robert H ~And sing-along songs (John Prine – Dear Abby, etc

Gayle ~ Play different songs…Hearing the same songs week after week gets old…


Sue B  ~ My biggest complaint is the loudness issue; drums mic’ed in small rooms; instruments too loud for the vocals–and don’t turn the vocals up, turn the instruments *down*. I do not want to have to lean over to yell in a friend/companion’s ear to be heard or vice versa! Loud does not equal better.

Steve Patterson: ~ Could you who liked this post give feedback please…

Windell ~  I for one think the bands should be payed more, that would have a huge impact on presentation, performance, and new material…

But it’ll still be 100 bucks a gig for time immemorial.

 Charley B ~Variety.
 Steve Patterson Absolutely!!!
Terry GYou said a mouthful Charley!
Gerado ~ A good quality is that the band should be able to make people sing and move. When people get happy they consume more.

A big complain is when there is no connection between musicians. The audience perceives it and is not good. I’m in a band where we talk at each other just by looking at the other. And we make the craziest arrangements on the fly, when someone makes a mistake we all manage to cover and make it look like it’s part of the trip. Musicians need to have fun on stage so that the audience will have fun too.

 Amanda S ~ As a member of a touring band.. We try very hard to keep the balance of relevant music, classic favorites, and our own originals. I love a good original, but too many times you see bands playing originals that aren’t really that good, nor is it fun, ear catching, or indicative of the music the band’s style reflects. I also think it is important for a band to have a “look” one that isn’t just a group of people who randomly come together by happenstance. You don’t have to be a size 6, as s female, to be attractive on stage, nor do you have to be in a suit or khakis to be pleasing to the eye. I also try to make sure that we tell a joke or have good rapport with the other guys in the band. I like to see the banter when I am seeing another band. There should always be a show, within the show. Just my two cents, and yes venues should pay more.

Ann S ~ Your groups are the only bands i have ever went into a club to listen to and it isn’t visual, but more good music and connecting to the audience, such as making them forget they are in a club, but hanging out with friends instead. also, most club bands are underpaid, and really need the support of those enjoying their music.
Tony G ~ More crowd participation. I think it makes it more fun for everybody. The more fun(participation) the crowd has the more likelihood of coming to the shows. Biggest complaint would be repetitive shows. Same songs same set list. Granted that with a new cd, the new songs need to be played but not every one every time. AND for the record you KNOW I love local live shows
Toni ~ Mixing under covered tunes with originals
I wish folks who turn out for live music would listen to the music and save their chatting for another time.

Steve PYes!

 Heidi S ~  Atmosphere is key! Too many loud drunk people take away from those who really enjoy listening to the music. As long as the atmosphere/vibe is right, live music is the best form of entertainment and we have too little of it in Jackson!

Steve G ~ I have been playing for the public since the early 70’s and it didn’t take long to figure out that MOST people don’t care if you perform great guitar solos or if your song selection is made up from super hard songs. MOST people don’t really come for the music. They want to hear familiar songs at a reasonable volume.
All the songs that musicians hate to play.
They notice if the vocals sound good but MOST could not tell if you made a mistake or nailed it.
Being TOO loud is the biggest complaint. People want to be entertained, have interaction with the band, and be made to feel special..

Colin H ~ Sound balance between voice and instruments… put the drums behind sound shields if the venue is small and check the balance as the crowd fluctuates throughout the evening.
Toni ~ Bam! 

Todd K ~ To be sure to know the genres of music the crowd enjoys. If you play covers, I assume that would be especially important. And I think it would be equally as important if you play your own stuff

Peter D ~ VARIETY! VARIETY! VARIETY! The band member that usually does the “TALKING” etc. needs to be very interactive with the crowd but also don’t forget the other hand members…and the biggest pet peeve of mine would be….transition time between songs…lag time loses people’s interest….that’s my 2 cents worth! 😄😆😝😜😀

Angel F ~ Mix up the tempo. Play some originals but also play covers so people can hear some songs they know. Don’t talk between every song. Always use a set list. I like to dance, so dance-able songs make me happy. And my pet peeve is when the bass is mixed in too loudly. It drowns everything else out.


Brenda D ~  In some cases drums screens.

Tonette W ~ No more free bird…even the old tired covers were done by bands that had more than one song. Originals. No muddy vocals…ego maniacal guitar players don’t have to be the loudest. Drowned out vocals… And when you get offstage for a to folks. Make sure your genre fits the bar. And remember it’s a bar…people may listen..may get drunk..may not. And look as if you are having a good time.
Jeff S ~ Good singing trumps good playing. Great comment.
Tonette W ~ I owned three bars. Reel to reel aka fuel. Scratch monkey… Lots of great bands played at cotton bowl.
Jeff W ~ I love the real B3 and swelling of a Leslie tone cabinet live.
And a guy that can sing like Gregg Allman.

 Not to forget ,sweetest of a good Sultan of swing lead guitar sound.
Tommy C ~Guh
Jeff S ~ Play happy songs that people have heard before


Johnnie H ~ MORE COWBELL !!!

Lorraine R ~ When you can’t hear the person singing because of other instruments. Then of course people talking while you are playing.


JD Talor ~ Costumes ….would be great ….maybe each gig could have a theme… Lol

Steve P ~ We’ve tried that….lol

JD Taylor Steve Patterson lol

Dianne J ~Too loud. And that’s not my age. I hated it too loud when I was young.
Tony R ~ I surely agree

Dianne J – Tony R     I hate when you can’t even talk to people.

 Doug M ~ Easy…. A band with such a ridiculous amount of fun playing together it is contagious along with the desire to grow as music
 Kevin A ~ Honestly, involve the audience. Guy that wrote Delta Dawn was at the center downtown and the entire crowd sang the song with him. can’t remember his name but remember his comment how great it was to play a song that everyone knew the words to.
Jeff L ~ Absolutely . . . involvement is the key . . . be it sing-a-long, dance, cowbell, kazoo, any way you can get the audience involved . . . they’ll love it & you will too. 🤓
 Kevin A ~ As far as a complaint, don’t just play the “can”, Express yourself, expand the music with your own interpretations, rifts, etc...
JR Parsons ~ Just keep playing “Rawhide” and everything will be fine! :-
Dena S ~  I’m like the rest… if you’re enjoying yourselves, having fun playing together, and talking/involving the audience it’ll keep their attention. 🙂

Arlene TUsually the same set, maybe have different playlists or something new your working on. You can see how a live room reacts. You might get more new faces in to expand your following.


  Hello lovely Music Tribe ~ 

Excellent shares! Thank you so much to everyone for expanding your thoughts that became this fabulous dialogue. Loved this thread and saw great merit in the comments and posed topics as incredibly valuable sharing for the world of independent music and artists for which Barefoot Music is a steadfast advocate for.
A shout out of massive love and gratitude to musician and superb human Steve Patterson, from who this piece was inspired by

Stay Peacefully in tune ~Barefoot Music Group




A BMG Review “Key Ring Of Faith” by Steve Pullara


“Key Ring Of Faith” by Grammy award-winning Steve Pullara’s opening track “Heaven’s Floor” sets the tempo for a solid 10 track album of worship music. As I listen (again) I find myself being especially moved by the spirited fiddle that is a perfect complement to Steve’s lyrics and music compositions. This contemporary Gospel/worship album is family suited for any age, but especially it brings out the inner child of God in all of us. Pullara takes scriptures to music creating an album that sends messages of hope and encouragement.

With memorable melodies and lyrics that are purposefully simple and with harmonies that are light and spirited, these are songs that will inspire the whole family or congregation to sing along. One of my favorite tracks has become #6-“Port of The Lord” with its accordion intro that feels so traditional for worship music coming from Pullara. (I had never been an accordion fan before) The organic instruments of this roots music continues to compliment the spiritual word-smithing by Pullara throughout all 10 tracks; the banjo, guitar, piano, the fiddle and accordion keep the melodies whistling in my head even once I turned the media player off. Worship music with “stick to it-ness.” This album belongs in the home, the car, Sunday school and worship services.

        ~ Toni Taylor Helser, DJ, Mixposure Radio, Barefoot Indie Artists Group, Bend, Oregon

In Steve’s words: “I felt it was time to share my Christian faith with the gift of roots music during an era when other artists and peers from various genres are expressing their beliefs and faiths too. Through the years, I’ve honed my craft by playing and singing in music ministries, Bible studies and to very large family audiences. Using that knowledge and musicianship, this album is crafted with original and colorful Scripture concepts in audio canvases. Enjoy!”

Here’s a video from our Roots Gospel album entitled “Key Ring Of Faith.”

This song is entitled “Where Do All The Doggies Go?” It deals with that enduring question pondered by us all from childhood into adulthood. Listeners and viewers have asked if they can share this video among family and friends. Our answer is “Yes” and “Certainly.” Simply click the “Share” button. You can also go to our album’s website which is posted in the video to read its lyrics and to sample the rest of our new Roots Gospel songs from “Key Ring Of Faith.” Thanks for listening and sharing our lyrical video. It means a lot to us”.

God Bless, Steve Pullara and His Red Eared Sliderz

Visit Steve’s Official website here



David Miller and The Stones Throw (Drum Solo)~ Bend Oregon USA Show

Central Oregon USA has some of the best talent in this country. The difference between a musician and an artist is palatable when listening and watching them perform.

It is with great pleasure and massive Oregon pride that BMG presents here for your entertainment and enjoyment one of the fastest growing popular Rocking Blues band on Oregon’s High Desert. David Miller and The Stones Throw will facilitate getting your groove on whether it be a live performance or as in this case a video of a live performance.

This is an extremely tight band trio with seasoned artists.David Miller and his bad ass lead guitar and vocals, Brian Hickey who lays down a bass line that grabs your attention, and Time Keeper Meshem Jackson. The musicianship and synergy on their stage cannot be taught, it’s an organic magic that comes from deep within their souls.

Drummer Meshem Jackson brought the audience to their feet with his impeccable swing while spontaneously filling the need to “hit stuff.”

A must see!



Let Them Teach Us

Music and Music Maker’s inspire me to think abstractly…..(isn’t that one of the gifts art gives us?)
So… occurred to me that during a time when diversity regarding people and their beliefs are a popular topic to debate there are groups who don’t buy into that’s reason enough to alienate folks.
I am thinking about the beauty of musicianship and the unconditional acceptance of band mates of one another, despite personal belief systems.
Maybe the fact that the music they create together takes priority over the need to recruit others to certain beliefs.
Whatever is the reason, it’s an example I think is significantly important to humankind. Especially now.
My fist to my heart Musio’s…..we have a lot to learn from you.
Thank you!





Bobby Lindstrom’s Hefferdust Blues (sneak peeking to upcoming new album)

Please allow BMG to introduce you to Bobby Lindstrom Hefferdust Blues.

Bobby is a Oregon home-grown guy originally born and raised in Coos Bay Oregon, now residing with his wife and guitars in Bend Oregon (if you haven’t yet been introduced to his Hefferdust Blues)  As this post is being typed Bobby is currently in a Nashville studio laying down tracks for his new Cd – all original material.

The following video performance is one inspired by a trip to New Orleans last fall with his bride Sharon, Bobby not only memorialized a significant trip to the Big Easy but he (as is his style) shares an important universal message through song.

* Note: ft Ed The Whistler accompanying Bobby.


Bobby Lindstrom – Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

Genres: Singer Songwriter Blues / Rock

Label: Hefferdust Music Co.

Born in a small timber town on the Oregon Coast, Bobby’s passion for music began at Christmas at age 10 with his first guitar. Many bands and guitars later he connected with his treasured 1968 Les Paul in 1970. Now named “Bessie Mae” (named by Little Milton’s long-time road mgr, Scrap Iron, while on the Blues Cruise Oct 2010) She has been his constant companion for 4 decades, bearing witness to this passion which has taken him across the USA sharing his gift.

His friends and fans know the intensity and love of music that he exudes while performing, which is truly justified watching any one of his animated live shows. His songwriting has exploded recently, with 4 cd’s released since 2010, 3 of which are all original songs, some of his best work yet, and one a cover of his old blues favorites with some amazing musicians backing him up.

“He is a high energy, blues influenced rock ‘n roller at the top of his game.” His full soul is fast becoming known and welcomed as “one of the most prolific singer/songwriters in America.”

Bobby’s long road to success has been well worth the journey. He just seems to always have a good time. At home in Central Oregon Bobby embraces the opportunity to play with some of the best musicians this side of the Mississippi every chance he gets and it’s always a wonderful surprise to discover who might be joining him on stage. With the same love of music and perseverance he has always embodied Bobby continues to promise and deliver all great things still to come.

Paying his dues after performing for years all over the Northwest and meeting people from all over the world Breedlove Guitars added Bobby as a Breedlove endorsed Bluesman when they handing him a 5k acoustic beauty he lovingly named “Belle.” A finely crafted instrument, the tones and sounds it makes magically complement Bobby’s voice. It was given to him by the company to perform to the masses, carry the music, and do a little advertising for them, which he proudly does with every performance.

“Belle” Bobby’s beloved Breedlove

Whether a solo or duo show; with funny stories, soulful ballads, rocking the blues…or with his band which includes some of the best talent anywhere, you can catch him performing at many popular venues and clubs. Bobby Lindstrom receives rave reviews from fellow musicians and critics alike. Available for private house parties, weddings, family reunions, celebrations of all kinds. You will not be disappointed by hiring Bobby Lindstrom!

For bookings; contact Hefferdust Music, 541-610-2007 or email @

 For more examples of Bobby’s music and more information:here

For information about Oregon’s renown luthiers at Breedlove Guitars  here


Watch this 2016 Fall for his new album to drop.


Barefoot Music Group 2016


John Burrell- Uncaged

john burrell_uncaged


I am John Burrell.  An Army brat that moved all over the country before finally settling in Arkansas in 2000. I was raised Baptist, and as such, exposed to the beautiful harmonies within Southern Gospel Music. I was also exposed to several genres growing up, such as the “golden oldies” of the 50’s and 60’s (still, in my opinion, the best era of music), as well as bluegrass, theatrical music, big band, Barbershop, and many more.

At 5, I started piano lessons, which lasted until I was 11. I fell in love with the guitar the first time I saw Back to the Future. My parents bought me my first guitar (which I still have and play) when I was 10, although I didn’t start playing until I was 15. I had a very unique instructor, in that he used music to teach me rather than the basic theory that I had already learned through piano. The first song I learned was Proud Mary by CCR, and from there many other oldies and classic rock songs. Through his teaching I started getting heavily into the classic rock and blues of the late 60’s and 70’s. I didn’t have an electric guitar at the time, so I improvised and arranged certain heavier songs to an acoustic, mostly finger-picked style, and this began my love for arranging and covering tunes to fit my vocal range and instrumental talent. I lost confidence in my musical capabilities for quite a few years, but have found it again over the past year and a half. I have recently rediscovered my writing abilities, and started writing and recording my own songs.

The name “Uncaged” is actually a rename from the original “Open Cages” – “Open Cages” referred to being in a cage that is open, but refusing to escape it–just as I allowed myself to be in positions that I knew were bad and unhealthy for me, but did not change it.  “Uncaged” came when I finally allowed myself to let go and be free of what was hurting me at the time and change my outlook on some things.

A couple of people have also asked me to explain how I currently record my music:  Other than my guitars and amp, all I use is an iPhone with the Garageband app on it (which has several features and filters I can use), and then mix and upload it to YouTube.

If you have a moment, please visit my YouTube page here and subscribe, as well as my Facebook here.

A Collaboration For “Love”


“Love” is a new 2016 release by David Miller ft Beau Bert.

 Taking great delight Barefoot Music is honored to introduce a new song release titled “Love” by the collaboration of musicians David Miller & Beau Bert, both hailing from USA.  Lyrics written by Singer-Songwriter/Word Master David Miller- composed and performed by Beau Bert. This new song “Love” will surely to touch the listener’s heart while gently being reminded of just how genuine and lasting love can be, just as a love song most certainly should do.

* listen here

About The Artists.

David Miller

David Miller, a talented seasoned lead guitarist and singer David also is a local music teacher and a singer-songwriter who is a master of original lyrical wordsmithing. David is a native son of Oregon state in the USA and writes original songs in several genres. In the lyrics  to “Love” David’s vision for the tune to have a classic contemporary country music feel resulted in this emotionally impacting love ballad. Along with with his multiple music projects and teaching music David is also a creative writer of fiction and editorials that inspire thought provoking discussions on his his blog. David and his wife make their home in Bend Oregon with their two daughters.

additional links for David: David’s Blog Living The Music Life

More of David’s music here @ Soundcloud


Bert Beau

Beau Bert also a talented musician who’s originally from Dallas Texas and now resides in Red Oak Texas with his wife ad children. Bert’s vocals and music composition compliment David’s lyrics masterfully on this collaboration creating a sense of beautiful nostalgia in this country love song. Bert is a police officer serving his community; with his vocals alone it’s difficult to believe he only plays music as a hobby, yet it is so..Beau is also brother to Bend’s Kim Kelley, another Oregon musician who was the catalyst in how Bert and David originally connected. 


*all rights to this song are owned by the writers/composers, not Barefoot Music Group.



20 Worst Indie Artists Mistakes


A guest post by Johnny Dwinell of Daredevil Production


1.    Your Songs Suck – Consumers will instantly click past a crappy song to thousands of online radio stations till they find a good song that really moves them in the first 10-20 seconds.  You better have GREAT songs.  It’s a CRAFT; it always has been.  Treat is as such.  You need to seek out a few mentors to teach you what they know about their CRAFT and apply your unique vision and perspective to that knowledge.  Easy to do with all the online writing societies.


2.    You’re Producing Yourself – Have you ever wondered why a record label would NEVER let you or your friends produce your own record?  Have you ever wondered why most of the iconic Superstars STILL use producers?  Why aren’t they saving money by producing themselves?  Surely a producer at that level is pretty damn expensive!  Get it?  Just because you can work Pro-Tools or Logic doesn’t mean you can or should make a record.  The label would put you with someone who is not only experienced at the entire process of making records, but a way better musician than you.  The smart artist always thrives being around true pros that are better than them to soak in the education and grow to a new artistic level; fearless of the journey.  Most artists will tell people why they can’t or won’t afford a producer and spend their money on their 25th guitar and new plug-ins for the home studio; avoiding the journey.  Do you want to make great records or collect gear?


3.    You’re Not Marketing…At ALL – Putting your music on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, ReverbNation, etc. is digital distribution NOT marketing.  Marketing is the art of influencing buying decisions.  Having your CD available for purchase “wherever it’s sold” isn’t influencing buying decisions.  Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Live Shows, Music Blogs, Indie Radio, Internet Radio, and PR are the marketing tools you need to master.  These tools create awareness and drive traffic to your squeeze page where you get the consumer’s email address.  It’s through their email that you will influence their buying decisions.


4.    You’re Operating With An Out-Of-Date Business Model- You are still trying to cut cheap demos to shop to a record label to try to get a deal.  You still think radio is the key to marketing your music.  You still think that radio will be a powerful marketing tool when you do get your deal.  You still think the labels make money selling records.  You still think that if you get a deal that’s when you’ve made it.  Wake up, that ship sailed a decade ago; you have to develop yourself, today.


5.    You’re Not Thinking Like A Record Label – If you got signed today, the label would surround you with people that make a living writing songs, engineering, producing, doing public relations, marketing, promotion, booking bands, image consulting, Photographing, etc.  All these people would be highly professional and much more dialed in to the market and process than you and your friends.  If you’re thinking like a label, you are looking for a team of people to help you with at least some of these important items.


6.    You’re Not Selling Your Music On Your Website – .  If you were truly DRIVING traffic anywhere to purchase your music, you would drive them to YOUR site and take all the money.  Everyone needs a presence on iTunes, CD Baby, Reverbnation, etc., but why on earth would u pay someone 30% of your record sales to do what you can do with a free plug in on your WordPress site?  If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.


7.    You’re Not Posting Regular Videos To YouTube – YouTube is your new Radio with an amazing potential for reaching millions, no wait…now BILLIONS of people and you don’t need to spend 1 million dollars to bribe a freaking Program Director for a CHANCE at getting a few spins.  The “shelf space” is unlimited (Unlike radio) and they pay royalties and advertising revenue.  “I don’t get it because I just want to make music” is a cop out.  why aren’t you learning everything you need to learn about this amazing opportunity?


8.    You Suck At Project Management – If Steve Jobs approached the first products from Apple the way most of you approach managing your musical projects he would have died homeless.  Jobs was a true artist, the first computers he and Wozniak made looked good, worked good, were packaged well, and were made in his garage.  Instead of making 500 crappy computers with the limited budget they had, he made 50 AWESOME computers and the market place responded; the opportunities that came from the first run of AWESOME computers provided the momentum they needed to reach the next level.  If you want to find someone to cut your songs for $300/song, I PROMISE you will find them.  Record your 3 BEST songs for the same price as what you have to spend on 12 and do it RIGHT with a TALENTED TEAM.  It’s gonna cost money, so think of it as an education.   Then watch the market respond!


9.    You’re Waiting For Your “Big Break” – Deep down you wish it was the old music business because, on the outside (from the cheap seats) it seemed easier when the labels took care of everything.  Well they did and you would have paid dearly for that “EZ Button”.  I got news for you, the Superstar Artists that are still around today, never let the labels take care of everything.  They worked smarter and harder than that in a sea of sharks.  You have to create your own opportunities, your own momentum.  There’s no way around it.  Nobody gets “discovered” anymore so get off the couch, put the bong down next to your baggage and get to work!


10. You Still Think Record Labels Develop Talent – Record labels don’t develop talent like Coca-Cola doesn’t repair cars; they don’t care about your music, they care about your current cash flow, and how many fans you have a measurable connection with.  They care about what kind of market you created for yourself and if they can make money by adding fuel to the fire you already started.  Think YouTube and Google.  Google didn’t develop YouTube, they purchased them.  So those smart guys at YouTube had to PROVE their idea had value in the market place; so do you.


11. You Don’t Think Of Your Music As Product – Until you do, nobody is going to hear your art.


12. You’re Self Sabotaging – This is the most common and most destructive mistake of them all.  Let me save you the suspense, you’re gonna make mistakes.  You’re gonna hit speed bumps.  You’re gonna be rejected.  You’re gonna have to get over it!  You have to get out of your own way and just move forward.  Stop making excuses.  If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.  PERIOD.  So make a change and watch massive amounts of energy quickly flow your way.


13. You Are Too Sensitive To Take Constructive Criticism – You would be amazed how many of your favorite Superstars were brutally schooled by the label on their first record.  They were green just like you!  “Go back and write us a single we can promote on the radio or we’re gonna drop you”.  If you’re too dumb to know that you don’t know, you’ll never make it.  Be professional and LEARN.  It’s always better to stay quiet in a room and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.


14. You’re Listening To Haters – When you do start to get momentum, people you don’t know and sadly, many that you do will spit poison into every part of your life.  Get used to it.  You are doing what they can’t.


15. You Haven’t Defined Your Lane – You are afraid to pick a genre because you write in many.  Consumers need ONE lane to connect with you in.  Just because you pick one doesn’t mean you are ignoring the others.  Get some traction in 1 lane first, that will help expose a project in a different lane to more people.  Think John Mayer with his first few pop records and then he did a blues project.  That blues project got a TON of exposure because he was now John Mayer the pop star.


16. You’re Live Performance Sucks – Nothing is more disappointing than seeing a decent band with great songs and nobody sings background vocals; except for a crappy band with crappy songs, and everyone singing background vocals.


17. You’re Not Capitalizing On Your Live Performances – Today’s music market is about endless content and email addresses.  You should have constant video footage to market on social media.  You should have boatloads of email addresses after every show.  You should be moving product from the stage at every show.  You should be gaining twitter followers at every show…THEN you can get laid.  J


18. You’re Putting Too Much Stock Into Your ReverbNation Ranking – A #1 ranking for your small town or big city on ReverbNation + $2.54 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  How are you getting paid for your songs?


19. You Don’t Know What You’re Doing On Twitter – Twitter is a simply amazing surgical marketing tool that allows you to SERIOUSLY target your specific market.  When done correctly, your following will constantly grow.  1 year from now you could have well over 10k followers and now you have the means to drive tons of traffic to a squeeze page, or a YouTube video, or to….Get my point?  Your fans are out there, go find them.


20. You Think It’s All About Music, Not Marketing – The truth is that it sure is nice when they expertly market a killer record, but if it was only about the music, there wouldn’t be any crappy songs on the radio.  Think about that for a second.  Without marketing, nobody cares about your music because they haven’t heard it.

Original Article 






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A *BMG Review ~ Steve Pullara’s Cd ” Butterflies Wear Sneakers”

(*Barefoot Music Group)

From the moment I opened Steve Pullara’s new Cd “Butterflies Wear Sneakers” I knew that the family friendly compilation of music that Steve had promised on this CD he was delivering. Even before I heard one note, or even one word, I fell in love with the CD’s artwork/photography by Cher Baldanza.

Then ONE listen through and immediately I knew that If someone were looking to begin or add to the music library of a special loved one this album “Butterflies Wear Sneakers.”  is one I will highly recommend

Doesn’t the title of the album alone make you smile?

steve bramers album art

“Butterflies Wear Sneakers” is a perfect title for this newest work from folk singer Steve Pullara who brings his own signature style and sound from his home state of Pennsylvania to the world. Of the eleven tracks on the new CD only one is a cover tune. (A wisely phrased choice as it’s a Stevie Wonder tune.) The other ten are all Steve Pullara originals. It’s an album of universal language that Steve sings. Love.

With Steve’s band members The Red Eared Sliderz-  Patrick Robinson, Brian Nagy, Dan McCormick, Valerie Vuolo and Alfred James Goodrich they bring a rich variety of Folk, Americana and Country music that will captivate the entire family. There is a sweet wholesome in the storytelling Steve weaves through song. 

From the opening track “The More Teeth Missin’ The Better For Kissin”” and throughout I became enchanted by the touching wordsmithing and the richly organic sounds of the instrument arrangements. This is “Feel Good” music and I would love to see it in our local libraries, especially in the children’s library. The album is a perfect collection of family friendly music and storytelling that very quickly if you’re like me will have your whole family singing along.

We as a universal music community of arts are sorely void of fantastic music that is family friendly and I continually find Steve’s music ‘hook’ to be that he is tapping into an audience that needs stellar musicians and lyricists like Steve. An artist needs a good hook more than ever today to set them apart which is no doubt one of the reasons Steve Pullara is a Grammy Award winning artist. I think we as a universe need role models in artists who share messages of love, optimism, and hope. There’s a beautiful wholesomeness and nostalgia to what Steve brings to our ears, and to our emotional and spiritual intelligence that I find endearing.

As a lyricist Steve’s stories are beautiful reminders of all the goodness we should hold strong. Instrumentally this band is top-notch on all levels, and this reviewer is a fan of the deeply Americana sounds from the Dobro, violin and banjo.

Please visit Steve’s *website and enjoy a preview Steve’s newest “Butterflies Wear Sneakers.” This album makes an excellent gift for an entire gift list, even the artwork on the actual Cd is itself is a gift when first opened…..then just sit back and let the opening introduction of the first track begin your listen…. I promise you’ll be delighted by all the smiling faces listening with you.

I’m still smiling.!blank/c1sy3

The album is also available at,, and ITunes.

Support Your Local Artist Today!

Producers: Steve Pullara – Patrick Robinson  – Alfred James Goodrich

Mastering – James Cravero  East Coast Recording Company



Barefoot Rock n Blues Radio Show Tonight

promo_resize-barefeet and guitarsunday on logs

(my apologies to those followers who may have had this post hit their reader more than once. I’m trying new promotion tactics)


On “Barefoot Rock n Blues” this Sunday I’ll be spinning some of THIS Barefoot Lady’s favorite Indie Artist’s from the pages of Mixposure’s artist’s. I’m planning in late December on doing a “Barefoot’s 2014 Top 30 Tracks” from my past show’s.
Join me Sunday to hear who made this week’s play list. 8 pm eastern, you or your favorites might be included.


When: Sunday, November 23 @ 8pm eastern

For your enjoyment ~

Barefoot Baroness Juke Joint by one of my favorite things; The TrueVulgarians is just a sampling of what caliber of talent y’all hear on my shows, and will give you the sense of the warm & friendly community of music maker’s & listener’s we have at Mixstream Radio on mixposure dot com.

MIM Chain Reaction Series # 4 w/ Miss Rachel Fields & Brick Fields






promo_chain reaction_edit1



4th entry in the MIM Chain Reaction Series with Rachel Fields from Brick Fields being the next link with 10 new questions from Ira Walker. Miss Rachel has until the following Wednesday to add her responses in the comment box of this post, then she will choose the next artist in the chain with her 10 questions.
Come back to find out Rachel’s answers and who she tags next.

1. How old were you when you started writing songs?

” I remember making up songs as early as 2 or 3. I wrote poetry and plays in my teens. I didn’t start writing songs that I sang in front of people until my early twenties.”

2. Do you remember your first song you wrote?

” The first song I remember that I completed, recorded and performed was a song brought on by heartbreak I wrote on the piano called “whole” when I was about 23.”

3. Is your music cathartic for you?

“Yes absolutely. Who needs confession when you’re a songwriter.”

4. What’s your writing process?

It varies. Sometimes I have something to say so I’ll write it down and put music to it later. Sometimes I have a feeling inside so I play music, push the record button and start singing just to see what comes out. Sometimes I dream full compositions.

5. Do you hear a melody line for your lyrics as you write?

“Sometimes I will hear a hooks but not often.’

6. Who or what are your music influences?

”  Life experience, the Holy Spirit, every artists I hear is influential but some of my favorites for where I am right now in my life are Mavis Staples, Sister Rosetta Tharp and Ruthie Foster. ”

7. Do you think any of your children will follow you into music?

 Yes. All three of them show interest. Two of my girls are already writing songs and good ones too.”

8. What’s some advice for young people whose dreams are a life in music?

“Keep on keeping on. Be grateful to those and remember those who believe in you along the way”

9. How has the internet impacted your music?

We’ve gained world wide listeners because of the net and it provides great tools for being an independent artist.”

10. What’s coming in the near future for Brick Fields?

Our traveling is expanding next year. We have two albums in the works one of which is a gospel album. We’ll be playing more concerts outside our region next year.”


Next up is Robb McCormick with 10 questions from Brick Fields to keep the chain reaction moving.


MIM Chain Reaction Series #3 w/ Ira Walker

promo_chain reaction_edit1


The weekly Make Indie Mainstream  “Chain Reaction Series” from the Facebook Make Indie Mainstream public group.
Here’s how it works:
On Wednesdays a ‘Interviewing Artist’ who will choose (tag) another artist and ask 10 questions which will be posted here to the group.
The “Interviewee Artist’ will have the until the following Wednesday to answer their 10 questions by posting their responses in the comment box of the post. Following the artist will choose a new (another) artist with 10 new questions and post in a NEW post, continuingg the Chain Reaction.
(Please do confer first with your chosen artist about the idea before posting so there’s a graceful way to say no ‘Thank You’ if they are not able to participate for any reason)

Third entry up – 10 questions to singer-songwriter & Grammy nominated producer Ira Walker.

1. You’re a multi-talented musician Ira at what age did you find yourself in music?

. “Who remembers their first orgasm…… I’m still working on manhood. When I grow up I hope to be more informed. How old are you in the 4th grade?….10?”


2. As a classically trained musician it might surprise people to learn.. just what instrument you took lessons for?

“Around 15… I had 7 yrs. of drums lessons from Larry Vann – 3yrs of bass lessons elec/ Bernard Williams, upright from Joe Cook in Berkeley. Latin Jazz guitar from Tony Flores @ Fiore Music in Oakland” Drums are my first instrument and what I studied in school.”


3. As a Grammy nominated producer what advice do you have for aspiring newbies n the business ?

“Are you sure read ……this before opening!!”


4. Who have some of your favorite performances/gigs been with?

“To many to count…. my very first @ Ruthie’s Inn [Berkeley] will always be where I found this Circus . And @ 15!!… My Dad keeping an eye out on me… That’s How Make Gumbo” LoL


5.  As  one of the most prolific songwriter’s I have the pleasure of knowing what is your most often used muse?

“Life… my view …from the filter of how I was taught! Just dumb luck that I laugh a lot too.”


6. Ira Walker’s favorite Ira Walker song and why?

“I’d like to see again” .. a song I wrote when my father died. “Gods Face” ….. a song I wrote for me…. Proof in the Testimony.”


7.  Today you may not be known for your Rock n Roll days, what was your band’s name & what instrument did you play?

“Short version …..Billy Satellite on Capitol Records 1984 and I played bass/ wrote/ sang.”…



8.  What are you most passionate about today outside of your music?

“Food… I love cooking, growing, & learning about food, spices, & and cultural influences! Epicurean expertise I seem to be developing’


9. What are your thoughts about online collaborations between artists from around the world?

“Sounds great in theory….. but like any good dish! Got to have the right ingredients.” 😀


10. What’s on Ira’s horizon’s?

“My latest ventures….. The Love Rascals, Ari Reiter, & a few others that I’ve signed to production, and Record deals”


For more about Ira and his music visit  and





MIM Chain Reaction Series #2 w/ Toni Taylor-Helser

MIM Chain Reaction Series.
Here’s how it works.
On Wednesdays an ‘Interviewing Artist’ who will choose (tag) another artist and ask 10 questions which will be posted here to the group.
The “Interviewee Artist’ will have the until the following Wednesday to answer their 10 questions by posting their responses in the comment box.
Following the artist will choose a new (another) artist with 10 new questions and post a new post and continue with the Chain Reaction again.
#2 in the series – Barefoot Baroness aka Toni Taylor-Helser interviewed by Ron Kauffman
promo_chain reaction_edit1
From Ron: ” I tried not to use the same questions. Besides, I believe these are things people want to know about you.” 🙂

1. What is it about music that drives your passion?

I feel music on so many levels that I can’t imagine living without its impact in my life. That’s always been what drives my passion I think, that personal need to hear and feel music every single day. To let its inspiring and healing magic play out in my own life. Although music tends to be very personal I think music should always be shared because of its universal language and messages.

2. At what age did music become your passion?

I can recall being very young, about 3 years old and sneaking out of bed at to hear my parent’s jam with family & friends late into the night. Back in the day of big console television sets with picture tubes there was a cubby space under the picture tube that made a perfect listening spot for a small child. A hiding spot… not so much. I was caught a few times and sent back to bed, but after about the 4th time my parents realized I wasn’t giving up. I knew even then I needed to be part of it and they finally saw that in me. I lived all week for those Friday & Saturday night jams and began singing with this group of adults.

3. When you write, do you write melody and lyrics together, or separately, and why?

I am not a musician by any means (still only play AT playing the guitar) Both my parents however were musicians and music has always been a daily part of my life. Singing since a tot my parents use to say that I didn’t start talking; that instead I started singing sentences together. So in answer to Ron’s question, although I might hear a melody in my head I’m not adept at writing it. To date lyrics have been a separate thing for me. I need the music maker’s to turn what’s just a string of words into real music.

4. What do you consider success as a writer / artist?

I find success in knowing finally that I no longer need to look outside myself for validation and contentment. Knowing too that I am able to share that awareness through my words so that others might identify with it is absolutely where I see my success in writing. Having someone share with me that what I wrote has impacted them is absolutely my most satisfying reward, that I see as my success.

5. I know your very passionate about Indie Artists / Writers. Why is that?

Firstly Independent music/arts is what I was raised on and the community I grew up in. So some of my passion is pure sentimental devotion. Secondly there is a spirit that I am humbled by with Indie Artists, it’s the desire and maybe even need to create their art, regardless. Regardless of the artwork’s destination an Indie Artist does it because of the journey. Thirdly I am enchanted by indie music for music sake, and I feel a kindred spirit with artist’s who work so hard to create their amazing music without the losing any creative control. Deep Respect!

6. How do you feel about chasing the near impossible dream in today’s music industry?

Well, well…. I could be very wordy answering this and write a novel length response, but suffice to say that IF I had given up on chasing ‘my’ near impossible dream I’d not be doing what I am today. My feeling is that chasing dreams is what inspires hope, and I am not about to ever abandon Hope.

7. You have tons of fans. I’m sure they’d all like to know what kind of support you have at home?

That’s so kind of you Ron. Thank you. Interesting question and I am going to be very personal in my answer because I realize today that not practicing what I am most passionate about [because it denied someone else’s comfort] was killing my spirit. This is very personal subject for me and I think supporting what your loved ones are most passionate about IS part of being emotionally invested in that relationship. I believe that emotional investment is the foundation for any home and community. Today I live alone and love that my bizarre lifestyle and hours no longer tread on anyone else’s joy. Support today for me comes from daughter, grandchildren, close friends, and the Indie community of artists themselves. My daughter Janis is my #1 fan, she embraces my “Barefoot Baroness” alter-ego respectfully and devotedly as an individual chasing her own dreams, this means the moon and stars to me.

What inspires you to write?

People. People and how we as a humanity navigate life on the Universe’s terms and timetable.

9. If you could write music with your favorite writer, who would that be and why?

Oh my… there are so many. Many of them may not be household names. If I had only one wish then it would be Jackson Browne.

The why? Because Jackson has impressed and impacted me since a young teen with his lyrics, and music compositions. That a young man could be so transparent with his feelings and express them at just age 16 with lyrics and an acoustic guitar left me in awe. Songs like “These Days” and the volumes of storytelling that he’s written in song has touched me for more decades than I’ll admit to.

10. You’re the “Barefoot Baroness!” What inspired that name and idea?

My maternal grandmother nicknamed me “Barefoot Baroness” as a young girl because of my great distaste for wearing anything on my feet. Even socks. The nickname and the distaste for anything on my feet stuck throughout the years into adulthood. In 2006 I created a blog for my writing, albeit it took me a couple of years to find the courage to publish anything. Naming my blog “Barefoot Baroness” was the first time I considered using the nickname on any professional level and it has snowballed; in 2012 I founded Barefoot Music Group as part of my dream chasing that I spoke of earlier, and in June of 2014 I began an independent radio show called Barefoot Rock n Blues on Mixstream radio.

Thank you Ron, great questions that made me stop to think about my responses. I enjoyed this, hope y’all enjoy my responses.

Post Note: *see below

The TrueVulgarians are a brother-sister independent duo that honored me & my alter ego Barefoot Baroness by writing and recording a promotional song for my radio show Barefoot Rock n Blues. It’s a song, not just a promotion. …..

A song that I am humbled and honored by Bill & Jackie creating for me. What a gift! Thank you both.

*Here you can have a listen.

Watch next Wednesday as I tag Ira Walker to be the next link in the Chain Reaction Series.

MIM Chain Reaction Series- #1 w/ Ron Kauffman

promo_chain reaction_edit1

The weekly Make Indie Mainstream  “Chain Reaction Series” from the Facebook Make Indie Mainstream public group.
Here’s how it works:
On Wednesdays a ‘Interviewing Artist’ who will choose (tag) another artist and ask 10 questions which will be posted here to the group.
The “Interviewee Artist’ will have the until the following Wednesday to answer their 10 questions by posting their responses in the comment box of the post. Following the artist will choose a new (another) artist with 10 new questions and post in a NEW post, continuingg the Chain Reaction.
(Please do confer first with your chosen artist about the idea before posting so there’s a graceful way to say no ‘Thank You’ if they are not able to participate for any reason)

The first entry up will be myself (Toni Taylor-Helser) posing 10 questions to singer-songwriter Ron Kauffman.

Chain Reaction Series.

Opening the series is Ron Kauffman. Thank you so much Ron for participating. We look forward to your answers.

1. At what age did the music bug strike you?  9.
2. Do you recall a specific catalyst that inspired you to write music? … My Dad told me I couldn’t play his 4-string Martin guitar so I just hadda’ :

3. You’re a brilliant storyteller, please tell us about your writing process? ….
 I pick a subject that inspires me. Most are things I’ve done in the past, and a lot are things that bother me about the world. Then I write , rewrite, rewrite and rewrite until I feel I said what I want to say the best I can and hope others will relate to it.

4. As a long-time songwriter, performer, & recording artist, can you share some of your best tips for an aspiring artist?…Pray and grow thick skin. Performing…have fun, so will they. 🙂 Recording….I suck at it so my best advice is to ask someone you know for help, or learn by trial and error 🙂

5. What or who is most often your muse?……Life is always my muse 🙂

6. A little gear speak, please tell us about your favorite guitar? ….A D-45 Martin is my favorite. I play a Taylor 🙂

7. Any particular influences?…… CSNY, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, James Taylor, to name a few 🙂

8. With all that you have experienced as a musician what has the word “Success” come to mean for you?….. Success means having people listen, like and relate to what I write. Money would be nice, but that’s not why I write. 🙂

9. You have been around the music industry for awhile now, how do you see the changes impacting the industry?…..It’s a train wreck!

10. Finally Ron, who might we find you listening to on any given day? …. Anyone you see on my facebook page, Mixposure, Loop radio, Museboat, Mewsbuzz radio show, etc 🙂 I rarely listen to mainstream radio it’s the same O’ same O’ over and over. If I were listening to a CD it would most likely be CSNY’s “4-Way Street.

Thank You Toni for picking me to do this. I consider it an honor to be included.


Please treat yourself to Ron’s music here –  and here


Bill Madison’s ” Old Fivers And Dimers ( a Barefoot review)

bill madison

Traditional Folk/Americana music needs to be kept alive, and Bill Madison is doing just that with his latest release of “Old Fivers And Dimers”.

Rich in history of his chosen tracks he combines also some of his own original work, creating a master of storytelling entertainment contained in one Cd.
Bill’s seasoned and laid back style lets the listener cozy into approximately 50 minutes of nostalgia that whether shared with another, or in solitude, it will leave you recalling times of yesteryears.
The title track “Old Fives and Dimers” will get your toes tapping and with its lyrics bring us all a reminder of ho we are.
Bill’s acoustic guitar the perfect accompaniment to his rich timbre vocals.
There’s always a certain sense of romance in a collection of cover tunes and Bill doesn’t disappoint, even making the old blues standard “House Of The Rising Sun” his own; including this writer’s favorite Rodney Crowell’s Shame On The Moon.
 Bill’s originals don’t disappoint the romantic at heard either, with his two co-written songs with his wife Nancy Madison: “Can’t Stay Away” and “Friends In Love” the listener will be left with a wonderful sense of nostalgia…. and even hope.
Review by Toni Taylor-Helser
Barefoot Music Group
Please check out Bill’s artist page at for his collection of music. Included here is one track “Friends In Love” written by Bill & his wife Nancy Madison.
Interested in having Barefoot Music Group review your music please contact me at

Mixstream Radio Goes Global

promo_across the pondeditx3

Notice To The Universe & all Earthlings:
Mixstream Radio has added two new European Time Friendly shows to our Live DJ Hosted presentation’s of the best Indie Music on the planet.

 With even more shows soon TBA.

Don’t forget that you can listen any time 24/7- to 100% Independent on Mixstream Radio @

Please Join us in the Chat Room Zoo during the live shows,
It’s Where some of the coolest music collaborations are born.

On-Line Busking ~ Supporting Live Music

image_online busking
On-line Busking & House Concerts 

Music and how it’s being created, performed, and even recorded is evolving all the time in new platforms in which an audience of fans hears and experiences music today. 

How independent radio is helping even the playing field in the music industry is a strong indicator of the changes, especially for Independent musicians. 
The evolution in the music industry is fascinating and recently I have been following the ongoing debate about artist’s compensation. 
Whether it be from music accessed via the old-fashioned ( and hopefully not extinct) CD/Record store, digitally through the Internet, or live performances, it’s obvious that most artist’ are still not being compensated righteously.
Music sites routinely offer up incentives for their music contributors, listener’s are measured, yet typically most music sites have no further interest past how many hits/views an artist page receives. 
Many of these sites offer free artist’s pages and a platform to charge for downloads of their music, but unless the artist has a strong and wide fan base they make little from their music sales. 
Live performances still are how artists create the kind of exposure that sells their music.
The marketing savvy band/artist knows that building a demand for their live performances is what creates the exposure they need to sell their music and merchandise. . 
But even setting a fair price for performance compensation is difficult,  and all the while there’s the risk that ALL of an artist’s music is being made available for free. 

It’s obvious that the mainstream music industry in general have consistently failed to respond to what the artist’s needs to make an adequate living, what the listener wants, and what the current realities to cyberspace and music are.

Admittedly there is no shortage of great music and access to it today, and for both the music maker’s and the listener’s it’s become  a matter of choices. With little surprise live music performances (despite the quality of recorded music) is still the popular choice for fans to hear and see their favorite artists/bands. 
Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to hear.
Making that happen is easier today than ever.
On-line Busking, aka Net-Busking is fast becoming one of the platforms to see a favorite artist’s live gig, and in the privacy of your own home. Much like the pay-per view sporting events that family & friends get together for, so are people “Busking” music. 
“Busking” is a common term for the act of performing in a public area for voluntary donations of change.
I just experienced my first On-line Busking performance The artist I watched streaming his music live was doing so for free on the Internet, on a site set up for this kind of platform, and there is a way to tip the artist available on this particular site. I’m not naming the site only because I am not advertising the site, but if you search you’ll find a few links.
Instead I am hoping to engage a discussion here about this particular platform. From a personal perspective as a music fan I see great potential that this is a phenomenal way to support Independent Live Music,  and to hear and see live performances
An artist/band needs only a web-cam & microphone, their music, and they can be live streaming or pod-casting right into our homes. 
On-line Busking into House Concerts can get create more visibility to build a wider fan base. Performances for those who live outside the main tour hubs would have the option of live performances that the artist’s offer, while this concept of performing for fans allows the artist’s and fan’s to create a meaningful connection and making life-long fans. I see even the potential for fan’s to really have th power of the people right at their finger tips in deciding which songs will became chart toppers.

Along with the benefit of exposure for the artists there is this idea of the Virtual “TipHat ” (Tip Jar) so that listener’s may actually tip the performers who are busking online. That’s the other half to Busking -“Tips”
Sites that specialize in On line Busking have the ability for fans to tip in place. I am a fan of this concept ands aw it in action today.
I read a really good article that spells this concept out better than I.
Making a living as an artist has never been easy, the largest percentage of artist’s in the business are performing their music out of a passion & devotion, making the cliché “Starving Artist” more true than we’d like to see. 
I’m beginning to see the real advantages to On-line Busking. 
What’s your thoughts? 



Barefoot Rock n Blues Encore w/ Trevor Sewell

trevor sewell_face to face album art_edit-8.29


This Friday, August 29th, 2014. 7pm GMT – 1pm EDT
Hear Trevor Sewell’s newest album release in it’s entirety in this special encore presentation.
“Face To Face” is a beautiful acoustic compilation of Trevor’s signature style and sound an independent (and spontaneous) project recorded at Capital Records Studio in L.A.
I personally fancy the music of just a musician & their instrument, no bells, no whistle’s. Just the pure music.
Hope y’all will be joining Barefoot Rock n Blues on Mixstream Radio on


In Trevor’s words:

This album is very different to my usual electric offerings as I just wanted to see what the songs were like when they were completely stripped back to just one guitar and one voice – it was completely unplanned and there was no set list. I was in Capitol Records in Hollywood to record tracks for my new electric album which will be released later in the year and the engineer set up my acoustic and a microphone and as I liked the sound through the headphones I just said ‘ Can I make an acoustic album while I’m in position’ – Joe the engineer just smiled and said ‘why not?’, so that’s what happened and less than 3 hours later the Face To Face album was in the can – we could have easily gone back and added lots of other instruments but that would have defeated the purpose so the only rules were no overdubs just one guitar, like I say there was no set list so I just played songs that happened to pop into my head at the time and Joe let me know when we had ten tracks. To sum up, although this was recorded in a studio it is in every way a Live album, so if anyone comes to my solo shows this is a good representation of what it sounds like. Capitol is a great place to record in and I managed to get started on my new electric album later that afternoon but with the bonus of an unexpected extra album already recorded, so all in all I think it was possibly one of the most productive days I’ve had in any studio – If Carlsberg made studios … thank you Capitol. ”  

~ Trevor Sewell  

That’s Friday August 29th @ 7pm GMT-1pm eastern


Exclusive Premier for Independent Musician Marco Akamawa

Barefoot Rock n Blues & Mixstream Radio 
Proudly Presents:
 Marco Akamawa 
 Barefoot Rock N Blues has the great honor of being the messenger to bring you Marco’s Moonlight & Autumn Blues, two brand new releases. – August 10th @ 8 pm eastern at Mixstream Radio. ( 

Marco Akamawa is an enthusiastic developer of dreams, as well as author, songwriter, singer, talent-developer, & wanna-be producer. A fervent “re-and up-cycler” of himself; and other old goodies. Marco is also a painter, graphic artist, web-developer, shoe designer, and above all a hopeless violin player.
An endearing and admirable trait about Marco  is he tries to speak as many languages as possible just for the sake of communicating and is currently living in the Netherlands.

The considerable amounts of money Marco Akamawa doesn’t earn at all, alongside with his considerable energy he spends on the ‘Dutch ‘Met Afval Wat Anders’ Project’ inspiring and assisting people to get their life back on track. Marco is especially inspired by and works with ‘Friends for Friends’; an organization that brings you, artists, and charities together worldwide for the benefit of children in need,

Not to keep his creative nature in a box Marco is also authoring a biographic novel called ‘Bats & Butterflies’ as well as recording a new music album.

The two tracks being showcased are prime examples of Marco’s considerable talents.

Marco shared some details behind these two brand new singles. Be one of the first to hear Marco’s two new tracks.


Words from Marco ~

“Moonlight’ is the first song I (ever) wrote, as a present to myself for my 50th birthday, in July 2013. and haven’t stopped writing songs since … keeps me healthy and off the street! A year later I invited the great German lead guitarist Jogi Vetter to improvise a solo for ‘Moonlight. Jogi listened, a few seconds later he sort of shook his sleeve, and wham-bam Moonlight’ had her solo,”


‘Autumn Blues’ is the first blues-song I ever wrote, October 2013 when feeling a bit, well, bluesy and locked up in tiny rainy little Holland.

My thoughts at the time were this:

‘remnants of the raw===
song of yesterday==
still linger in my head

so i pick a new straw
to make ‘m go away
with another song instead’


Marco & I both hope you’ll tune in August 10th at 8pm eastern.  

Give yourself the gift of experiencing Marco’s music and then sharing about this artist. Go back to work, social media, friends and family with excellent music to share that you’ll were one of the first ever to hear. 


Seems almost surreal that they’re on the road.

Brick Fields began planning, booking, and promoting this month long tour about a year ago. Miss Rachel agreed to journal the tour as Larry navigates and pilots their tour van Gypsy west. It takes little imagination after reading Rachel’s first entry to be able to hear the AWEsome harmonizing that must be going on in that van with Rachel, Larry, & their 3 girls.

brickfields promo photo

Windmills, Canyons and Spatzel and show me a sign and I’ll be willin….

August 4, 2014 at 11:33pm

Many of you have requested that I keep you updated and tell you about the journey. Also since so many of you are the reason we are taking this journey I very much want to share it with you so here goes…


First things first! Thank you to all of the beautiful and amazing folks who are supporters of our music and mission. We could not continue doing what we do if it wasn’t for you and that is the truth. I am beside myself and humbled by the love and support we have received over the past few months as well as over the years. Everytime I think we are about to be without God provides through you and I am reminded that this is the path He has put me on. Thank the Lord cause I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than right here and right now. So from the bottom of our hearts Larry and myself both thank you. May you be blessed for your outpour of blessings. Now, on with the journey.


After a concert at the Owen’s Theater in Branson MO last night where the good folks of the Owens’ theater took such great care of us we headed out toward LA this morning. This is probably the 7th or 8th time I’ve made this trip in my lifetime but this time is different because I get to share it with my children who have never really been too far from the Ozarks and I know the sites will be a grand sight for them. So far it has been a smooth ride. Gypsy (our new/ old 1983 conversion van) is running like a champ and Larry drove all day getting us here to Tucumcari New Mexico safe and sound. Today my children got to see miles and miles of massive windmills throughout the prairies of Oklahoma, the big skies of Texas and acres of ranch land where the cows roam wild and free. These sites were all so new for them compared to our beautiful Ozarks Mountains and it was just breathtaking. Today God provided perfect weather and clear blue skies for the occasion.


We have made plans to stop for at least one restaurant meal a day on this journey so that we can enjoy the different foods in the area and maybe stop at some of the restaurants we’ve seen on food network. Today we chose to stop at the Rock Cafe in Stroud OK for lunch. We pulled up to this old rock building on Route 66 blooming with character. The inside was homey and warm with framed autographed pictures of different folks who have stopped there as well as newspaper articles raving about this humble little dive in the middle of nowhere OK. I loved it right away. The restaurant was featured on the cartoon movie “Cars” so there was a lot of memorabilia from the movie which interested the kids. Larry had a cheeseburger, CC a club sandwhich, Sally a hot dog, and Riley a Hamburger. I tried the famous Spatzel which was a type of mac and cheese but the noodles were more like tiny dumplings and there were onions and peppers with tomatoes mixed in. Everything was amazing and we signed the wall in the hallway before we left.


Today we did a lot of riding but we did get to stop for a short walk in the Texas Canyon wind which the kids were hoping to catch flight in. We also drove through this small nearly deserted Texas town that reminded me of a western movie. I kept expecting to see a draw in the middle of the dusty road but no such thing happened. I must say, Larry is being a trooper couped up in the van with 3 girls and a Mama. I only had to have one screaming fit before we left town to let the girls know that there would be no nonsense. It seems to have worked. So far they are getting along pretty good. This will make for some good songwriting…..


Tomorrow the kids will see the New Mexico desert for the first time as well as the Arizona mountains. I hope to stop for some white sage along the way and teach the kids how to make smudge sticks.


If you’d still like to book a concert in the area we are traveling through or would like us to stop and sing or pray for you or your family members in the area. Contact me at


If you’d like to make a donation to Brick Fields Music please visit and click on the “Donate” button or write us at for other options.


May God continue to bless you and yours. Thanks all and good night.

Rachel Fields

Catching a Texas breezeCatching a Texas breeze

Owens TheaterOwens Theater

Rock CafeRock Cafe

Windmills in OKWindmills in OK

Barefoot Music Group- Who Are We?

barefoot music logo oval

Barefoot Music Mission

Toni Taylor-Helser a third generation Oregonian born in 1955 with her writing reflective of her generation and environment she was raised in. Raised by musicians and brought up with music being part of daily life it is ingrained in who she is.
Being a teenager in the late 1960’s gave Ms Taylor-Helser a perspective that brought about a unique experiences that creates the back drop for all her wok ethics and integrity.. She developed a unique navigational style to traveling life’s long and winding roads and shares this in her stories & narratives. Most often processing life’s emotions through music & lyrics.

With a life long passion and involvement in the independent Music Industry as a vocalist and artist manager a dream to create her own agency was born in 2012.

Barefoot Music Mission:

Barefoot Music is an artist management consultant agency with a commitment to independent artist’s by providing support services in management, exposure, promotion, and development of an original artist’s music & public image. Primarily focused in the Rock, R & B, Folk, & Blues.

Barefoot Music is committed to a goal of working with artist’s who posses unique musical talents, and who are also driven to work relentlessly toward their musical aspirations. Barefoot Music is, and will always remain a small focused agency which is one of the strengths allowing for customized and maximum professional consideration to each of my artists.

(note) My personal goal is to help the artist work in an environment of creativity and trust, providing a maximum interaction between the artist and their agent/manager. Barefoot Music is designed to help artists realize their potential and provide guidance through the different stages of a career in music.

All my experience and years of chasing music dreams, and my background in music I put into a business plan in 2012 and Barefoot Music was born.


– See more at:

Toni Taylor-Helser is a third generation Oregonian and founder of Barefoot Music Group. With her background in music reflective of her generation and environment of being raised by musicians it is ingrained in who she is.Being a teen in the late 1960’s gave Ms Taylor-Helser a perspective that with her unique experiences creates the back drop for all her work ethics and integrity. She developed a unique navigational style to the independent music industry’s long winding roads; and her own true love of music drives her passion to be the liaison between the Music Makers and the Listeners, bridging  the two.

With a life long passion and involvement in the independent Music Industry as a vocalist, booking and press agent, co-producer, sound technician & artist manager the dream to create her own agency was born in 2012 named Barefoot Music Group.

The Barefoot Music Mission:

Barefoot Music is an artist consultant agency with commitment and goals to provide outstanding artist representation in management, development consulting,  creative counseling, public relations, exposure, and promotion.We intentionally keep a small roster of independent artist’s so we can customize to each client. (Primarily focused in the Rock, Blues, Country & R & B genres.)

At Barefoot Music the agenda is a commitment of working with artist’s who posses unique musical talents, and who are also driven to work relentlessly toward their musical aspirations.

Barefoot Music is now, and will always remain a small focused agency, this is one of our strengths, allowing for customized and maximum professional consideration for each of artists.

(note from Toni) My personal goal is to help the artist work in an environment of creativity and trust, providing a maximum of the best interactions between the artist and their agent/manager. Barefoot Music is designed to help artists realize their potential and provide guidance through the different stages of a career in music. All my experiences, all my years of chasing music dreams, and my background in music was put together into a business plan and 2012 Barefoot Music was born.

Please feel welcome to contact me with any input or questions.

I look forward to connecting and networking with you.

~ Toni Taylor-Helser Barefoot Music Group


Toni Taylor-Helser a third generation Oregonian born in 1955 with her writing reflective of her generation and environment she was raised in. Raised by musicians and brought up with music being part of daily life it is ingrained in who she is.
Being a teenager in the late 1960’s gave Ms Taylor-Helser a perspective that brought about a unique experiences that creates the back drop for all her wok ethics and integrity.. She developed a unique navigational style to traveling life’s long and winding roads and shares this in her stories & narratives. Most often processing life’s emotions through music & lyrics.

With a life long passion and involvement in the independent Music Industry as a vocalist and artist manager a dream to create her own agency was born in 2012.

Barefoot Music Mission:

Barefoot Music is an artist management consultant agency with a commitment to independent artist’s by providing support services in management, exposure, promotion, and development of an original artist’s music & public image. Primarily focused in the Rock, R & B, Folk, & Blues.

Barefoot Music is committed to a goal of working with artist’s who posses unique musical talents, and who are also driven to work relentlessly toward their musical aspirations. Barefoot Music is, and will always remain a small focused agency which is one of the strengths allowing for customized and maximum professional consideration to each of my artists.

(note) My personal goal is to help the artist work in an environment of creativity and trust, providing a maximum interaction between the artist and their agent/manager. Barefoot Music is designed to help artists realize their potential and provide guidance through the different stages of a career in music.

All my experience and years of chasing music dreams, and my background in music I put into a business plan in 2012 and Barefoot Music was born.


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A Little Help From My Friends

There hasn’t been much happening here at Barefoot Music lately, I’ve been away from tending to its posts and honestly to its growth. There are a few reasons that warranted what has felt like neglect, albeit a lot of reasons involve music.

A lot of growth has been taking place in my professional life and therefore this Barefoot Music site has taken a back seat.  Hopes & Dreams can come true, even in a second season of life. My archiving here is admittedly self-serving about just that.

I’ve been involved with music most of my life, albeit not always in the most of satisfying ways  And that only because of my choices in prioritizing my life. This of course meant sacrifices. Like we all do at certain points in our lives some personal passions can get set aside. Music for me was the passion I had set aside.

About two years ago I made a conscious choice to get it back. to get back that passion for working in the music industry again. I’d been watching from the side-lines for a few years the dynamic changes taking place in the world of music makers & presenters, through the Internet & digital technology. I knew from just a common business sense I would first need to begin networking within those music communities.

I also knew that my passion today lies in the management side of the industry. I began once again living and breathing music. So much was I breathing and living music that even a novel about the very subject was beginning to almost write itself.  A story that came out of a dream is now seems to also becoming a prophecy.

Changing direction and purpose (slightly) of Barefoot Music.

I’ve gained some amazing friendships that have been born from a mutual passion for music. I had an idea what direction I wanted to direct my professional life in to echo my passion. I wanted back in the mix of things, and I now understood that because of technology I could step beyond the borders of just my local community. I just was not quite sure where to begin beyond hoping and dreaming, but I knew this site would be part of the dream, although no clear direction when I created it.

Barefoot Music will be under a bit of a transformation in the near future. I appreciate your patience and support more than words alone would express.

With a little help from my friends I have found the paths to working again in the very industry that I’m smitten with. I have always been. I’d stepped out of the music scene in the mid 90’s and today with a lot of help from my friends I am walking and rocking again in the business I love.

I keep hearing this famous quote inside my head;  ” For me there is something primitively soothing about this music, and it went straight to my nervous system, making me feel ten feet tall.”   ~ Eric Clapton

Oh Yeah! I feel about 10 feet tall, which for this lady who is barely 5 foot feels enormously tall..

Credits where Credits Due

I want to thank some of the people who have kept the light shining on the exact path’s that have helped me get to where I am today. It’s important to me that I’m able to say thank you in a public forum to these particular people. They’re all musicians, and they are all shining examples of what musicianship is all about.

Firstly; my friend Pablo Camara. Pablo trusted me with his music with only his instinct’s to go on. Through hands on experience with Pablo’s music I started researching and learning what it takes today with social media & the internet as marketing tools to manage and promote music artists. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to return the gift that Pablo has given me along with his treasured friendship, but I like trying. What my friendship with Pablo and his wife means to me I cannot put into words.  So, Pablo & Romi, my fist to my heart my friends.

Secondly come two guys from the UK.

 Trevor Sewell & his Trevor Sewell Band is an award-winning blues band from Newcastle, his music became part of my everyday listening playlist, I became a fan immediately and began sharing and posting Trevor’s signature music. Trevor put his trust in me as well and I appreciate his friendship that continues to grow. I just heard from Trevor today that he has been nominated for a best blues UK award. He’s already a multiple award winner here in the states.

Howling Dick is also from the UK and every week brings one of the best blues shows I listen to. The music intelligence I gain from Howling’s shows enriches me in more ways than simply musically.  Howling Dick’s Downhome radio show was one of the very first topics I wrote about regarding radio today & the new ways it’s of connecting us to the music on this site. He’s become a great friend, and I’m a devoted fan.

So cool how networking…well… networks.

Through Howling Dick I met another musician, this time from North Carolina.

Musician Doug Dickens is a long-time staunch supporter of independent music; he’s hosted the Showcase of Independent Artists on Facebook every Saturday for 3 years, and today also he DJ’s two weekly live radio shows on Mixposure Radio. Doug’s invitation to me last year to join mixposure radio has had a direct impact on what is happening for me and Barefoot Music. Doug’s insights offer a clarity that I often find reassuring. Doug has an incredibly rich music history and is a prolific story-teller through his music. Recently he mentored me through my first live radio show as I swapped places with him and put him on the hot seat; interviewing him between tracking his music. (Future follow-up feature here will be in two-parts w/podcast & narrative of the interview)

Through these friends another amazing and serendipitous relationship began…..

I’ve been a fan of Brick Fields Music from the moment I heard their track ‘Barefoot Woman’ about a year ago. (I’m sure I need not explain the initial connection I felt. to the title.

That track in fact was my very first purchase of a single play mp3- file,  just so I could have Barefoot Woman in my personal music library. I felt an affinity for the song’s lyrics and fell in love with their style and sound. With Rachel’s Fields’ bluesy vocal range teamed up with her band mate & life partner (husband) Larry Brick on lead guitar & back-up vocals they create a unique performance that will tug your heart-strings, and touch your soul.

Again business through  networking;

When award-winning Brick Fields approached me about promoting & acquiring bookings for them here in my home-town in Oregon this summer as part of their nationwide International “Got Soul Tour”  I was crazy jazzed. Jazzed because if I could get them booked here I would get to see this favorite band live.

Brick Fields will be here on the high desert of Oregon in mid August for two public concerts. And a house/garden concert.

Who could ask for more. Right?

I’m here to remind y’all never to give up on your dreams. I didn’t, and now I am working with Brick Fields as their artist manager.

Full Circle.

This serendipitous full-circle adventure with Brick Fields I believe without any doubts is like everything else, written before in my destiny, but I’m also convinced it is because I worked towards the dream while never letting go of the hope. I kept the faith that although I couldn’t know exactly how my passions would guide me to my dreams becoming a reality, it was going to happen. I knew intuitively that with a little help from my friends, and never letting go of the positive thoughts and energy it would all happen as it was meant to.

And It’s happening now.

I and Barefoot Music have always supported Independent Music and Artist’s; however; making the move to promoting and supporting ONLY independent artist’s is a move in direct alignment with my deep passion. Making a commitment to indie music being the single focus makes good business sense, and anytime a person can work where their passion lies it’s a win-win situation.

I hope y’all will come back and enjoy meeting new artist’s here that you won’t find on mainstream commercial radio and learning what being independent in the music industry means. And why it’s important to support it.

I urge you to please take some time and visit each of these outstanding musician’s pages below.

Supporting Independent Music is important to our culture. it’s important to our world-wide cultures.   

Support Independent Music and you’re supporting me too.

Thank you!

……and for Mixposure Radio see  (Click on the radio tab)



A Midnight Blues Dedication by The Maestro: Pablo Camara

Pablo Camara’s Midnight Blues

Beautiful interpretive jam by Pablo Camara,  inspired by Snowy White’s “Midnight Blues” Brilliantly performed as an instrumental in Pablo’s unique rocking style, making this his own tune. A very special tune.
I and my Barefoot Music has this great friend and number one supporter in Pablo,  and with particular pride from this gift of dedication again by Pablo is inspiring and I wish to say this:  “Thank you Pablo my friend. None of what is happening for me and my Barefoot Music would be possible if it were not for your trust in me, and trusting me with your music.

Thank you so much for My Midnight Blues., and your dear friendship.




Six Pack in July-Redmond Oregon

six pack_july_2018

Thressa Hoover- Lead Vocals

Mark Hoover – Lead Guitar

Gary Flaherty – Guitar, Vocals

Bob Billington – Guitar

Val Billington – Bass, vocals

Raul Romero – Drums


Happy 10th Birthday Mixstream Radio!

mix celebration

Happy 10 Years Mixstream Radio!!
Celebrating 10 years of streaming live DJ shows is quite a phenomenal tenure.
**Saturday June 9th we’re hosting a special show and we hope you’ll join us in chat**
Some personal thoughts I’d like to share:
Last Fall when I learned that the radio side of would celebrate a decade of live DJ shows I felt a huge sense of pride for what Dazed, WildCherry,and all of you Mixposure members have succeeded in building together.
Along with that pride I have a real fondness for the artists and their respective music, then there is my fondness and pride for all the past DJ’s, and our current DJ Team; Bubba, TV, Tricia, Larry and TeddZ.
We have a devoted chat room community of participants who often say that we are a family, I agree -We are definitely a uniquely rare music community!
Between the stellar caliber of music chops, the collective musicianship, the collaborations between artists, and the devoted support of listeners Mix has become a solid music site that remains a fresh and a credible source for anyone involved in music.
If you are a musician, a songwriter, booking agent, a band manager or someone looking for an alternative to mainstream over commercialized music then Mixposure is where you will find a place to call home.
After having the great pleasure of bringing Barefoot Rock n Blues to you every Sunday evening last summer I was asked to consider managing the radio station side of Mix, happily I will say with great satisfaction that I’ve not regretted agreeing to this adventure for one single second. This community, the listeners, the artists; their music, the collaborations between artists, as well as their friendships are a continuous source of personal inspiration, growth and encouragement. I’ve been involved in some aspect of independent  music since my first job booking local bands for a coffeehouse in the early 70’s but never has my sense of commitment and passion for this independent music philosophy been as strong as it is today at Mix.
I want to Thank you Dazed, WildCherry and all you Mixsters! Congratulations!
~ Toni
p. s. I’d like to add that if you are an Independent musician/songwriter of original music and not a Mix member I honestly and respectfully believe you are doing a great disservice to yourself and your music. We should talk.